People With RH Negative Blood Have THIS in Common

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Most of the world population has Rh-positive blood, which means they carry the Rhesus monkey gene. Humans are considered to have evolved from a similar ancestor.

A small percentage of people, around 10-15%, don’t carry this gene, so their blood is Rh-negative. Besides the rhesus monkey gene, these people also lack the proteins that come with it.

Common characteristics of people with Rh-negative blood are:

Green, blue, or hazel eyes,Higher IQ,Reddish hair,Empathic qualities,Piercing eyes,Sensitivity to heat,Highly tuned senses,Unexplained phobias.

So, if the ancestor of these people is not the same as that of most of us, where do people with Rh-negative blood come from?

There are some people that believe the Rh-negative blood type appeared as a result of ancient people mating with visitors from other planets.

Rh-positive blood and Rh-negative blood are very incompatible. This can be seen in the relationship between a mother with Rh-negative blood and an unborn child with Rh-positive blood (when the child takes the Rh-positive factor from the father). The body of mother nature creates antibodies that attack the red blood cells of her Rh-positive child. This is called Rh incompatibility and luckily, it can be prevented with the medicine called Rh immune globulin. James Harrison succeeded to save over 2 million lives of unborn babies by donating his blood to the research of this medicine.

However, there are cases, although very rare, when babies don’t survive Rh incompatibility.

Visits from Aliens Have Long Been Suspected

There are tons of ancient writings and drawings showing alien ships coming to our planet. Almost everyone believes aliens have really visited our planet, including former defense ministers and Apollo astronauts.

If the Rh-negative theory is true, then the aliens who mated with ancient people must have had a more or less similar structure of the body to ours, and composition with subtle differences like eye and hair color, and blood type.

However, there are people who are quite skeptical about ancient people mating with aliens. They believe the Rh-negative factor occurred by a genetic mutation that was triggered by some external influence, like too much exposure to UV light.

And this new theory poses new questions. If the Rh-negative factor is a simple mutation, why the number of people who have it is so small? And how much exposure to UV light can trigger such a mutation? Is it possible that someone can be that much exposure to UV light here on our planet?

What’s your opinion? Do you believe in any of these theories or do you have your own explanation about the origin of Rh-negative blood?

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