Practice This Morning Routine to Improve Your Mood, Reduce Stress and More

Practice This Morning Routine to Improve Your Mood, Reduce Stress and More
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We live in a world that is dictated by the clock. We have set times when we go to bed, how long we need to sleep, what time we get up, how long we have to shower, and of course putting in a full day at work.

Most people will tell you their time is their most valued possession.

Unfortunately, the mornings are very hectic for many people. It is a quick shower, rushing the kids to the bus, and breakfast on the road.

If your days start like that, you know the rest of the day will follow suit- frazzled, hectic, and crazy.

One great way to get yourself out of this destructive cycle is to create a morning ritual. We are creatures of habit; we crave routine. This begins in our infancy; we develop a sleep schedule and a feeding schedule.

Of course, as we learn more and can do more things, we throw more into the schedule, like school homework, girl scouts, football practice, and so on. For some reason as adults, we try to ditch this routine way of life, and it drives us crazy.

Why You Need a Morning Ritual?

If you want your entire day to run smoothly and efficiently, you want a morning routine. You can run around like a headless chicken for the first hour of your day and expect the rest of the day to be calm. You wake your body up in a panic and it takes a long time to work that stress out of your system.

When you get into a system, your body will automatically understand when it is time to wake up and it will want to be awake. When you start your day in the right mindset, you will be able to take on the rest of your day with a level head and a calm mind.

What to Include in Your Morning Routine

Now that you understand what your body needs, you need to decide what you personally want in your routine. You need to physically get ready for your day, but you also need to have some things in there that you enjoy and look forward to every day.

Some of the pleasurable things can be sitting down with a cup of coffee and watching television for half an hour. Reading the news, doing crossword puzzles, or anything else you find relaxing and fun deserves a spot in your routine.

Two things you should seriously consider in the morning are breakfast and exercise. When you take the time to enjoy breakfast, you are giving your body energy to boost you through the morning. Eating breakfast will jumpstart your metabolism and can even help keep your bathroom habits regular. Eating also helps wake up your mind.

Exercise in the morning can also give you a great deal of energy for the day. You will also notice an endorphin high, making you happy and more optimistic. This is in addition to all the health benefits of exercise.

Establishing Your Routine

Studies suggest it takes about three weeks for a new activity to become a habit. You are going to have to be earnest and dedicated to your new set of morning activities until then. To help you stick to your new plan, you should try adding one thing at a time. If you try to do too much all at once, you will get overwhelmed. It is also a great idea to keep a list handy to help you stay on track.

It is important to have a morning routine, which is a good mix of the things you need to do and things you want to do. If it is just a list of the things you have to do, you won’t look forward to starting your day and your stress levels won’t decrease. Maybe you like to run on the treadmill and have to take a shower.

You can enjoy cooking breakfast and listening to music before you have to get the kids up and ready to go. Your mood and calm stride will affect your family as well, helping everyone have a better day.

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