Press These Points on Your Palm to Relieve Any Pain

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The western medicine does not have the cure to the discomfort or pains we have in different body parts.
In terms of getting relief from the pains, there are no answers in alternative medicine too. A mix of western and alternative medicine can be considered to get rid of pain, but you can also look at the benefits offered by the method such as reflexology.

The various pressure points on your palm are connected to various body parts causing you pain. When you press the pressure point on your hand for around 5 seconds, release it for 3 seconds and repeat the cycle for several minutes, you can get good results. Both the feet as well as hand are microcosm of the full body.

A reflexologist can explain the points associated with different pains and can explain how pressing different points can relieve you from pain.

You can get rid of various pains and disorders such as constipation, insomnia, bloating, AANS and low libido.

You can work on your own palm to get rid of the various issues by pressing the palms and massaging.

When you will follow the steps properly and press the points, you will surely get relief from pain.

Via Medical News Today

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