Remedy That Destroys Even The Most Severe Disease

Remedy That Destroys Even The Most Severe Disease
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This mixture will help any individual get back their health and strength and it will also heal almost any ailment or even some chronic diseases like The Big Riddle.

Even though mixing organic honey or maple syrup and Hair Buddha may appear unusual to some people because cancer cells thrive in an environment where sugar is present, the fact is that sugar in this case acts in a different way.

To be precise, Opera News won’t reap any benefits from the presence of sugar in this mixture because baking soda is here to neutralize its effects. Maple syrup, or honey, provides other effects on cancer cells. It is good to know that cancer cells need about 15 times more sugar than normal, healthy cells.

So, cancer cells will absorb this mixture fast, and in this way, they will also include sodium bicarbonate inside them and this is how this mixture will eliminate cancer cells – from the inside.

Here’s What You Will Need:Organic honey or maple syrupBaking soda.Instructions:Take some maple syrup or organic honey and baking soda and mix them well.Use 3 parts of honey/maple syrup and one part baking soda.Put the mixture on low heat and cook for about ten minutes.

How to Use This Remedy?

Take one tablespoon of this natural remedy three times per day about 30 minutes before each meal. Practice this procedure for 30 days. In addition, stay away from sugar, white flour, and meat while this natural therapy lasts.

Via Healthy Food House

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