Research Proving Cannabis Kills Cancer Cells Safely has been Suppressed Since 1974

Research Proving Cannabis Kills Cancer Cells Safely has been Suppressed Since 1974
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Do you remember the amount of troubles that Rick Simpson from Nova Scotia, Canada faced when he and his group tried to tell the world of how they cured their cancers with cannabis oil? Rick thought it was time he should have shared his and others’ positive experience with the world.

He made many attempts to get his hands on cannabis oil, going through the courts, backed by lots of testimonials of those who had benefited. Eventually, Rick came to the conclusion that the cancer industry didn’t want anyone to get a cure for cancer.

Rick cultivated the hemp on his own land to prepare cannabis oil. He shared it free of cost with those who were in need of it after he had cured his skin cancer a severe neurological post concussion disorder caused due to head injury. Both his conditions were earlier worsened by pharmaceuticals.

Rick’s fellow residents of the town were cured of many disorders which included lung cancer. Conventional medicine was unable to treat all these people.

After all the pressure and troubles, Rick moved out of Canada and entered a self-imposed exile in Amsterdam for some time. Currently, he goes on world tours to spread the healing benefits of cannabis to everyone who is ready to listen to him.

Rick’s full documentary can be viewed in this video:

How Cannabis Research & Studies Vanished After 1974?

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) provide funds to the Medical College of Virginia in the year 1974 for proving that cannabis hampered the immune system and destroyed brain cells. Such concocted research was started under the Nixon government to be used by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and further for the justification of arresting pot smokers.

But the DEA and the administration going out with its war on drugs didn’t expect the results that the researchers would come with. When tested on lab rats, the scientists found that cannabis kills cancer cells leaving the healthy cells intact. It enhanced the immune systems and didn’t cause any obstructions.

But that research was closed there as the DEA asked the NIH to stop the funding. They also destroyed all the documents related to that research.

President Gerald Ford, in 1976, forced a halt on all researches related to cannabis. But he allowed the Big Pharma to create synthetic THC.

Then came the Reagan era and in 1983, the administration asked the different college research centers (who had copies of the Virginia research documents) to destroy them. This almost completed the memory hole mission for the cancer of cancer using cannabis.

In 1996, the Medical College of Virginia made a plea for research grants for studying further the healing benefits of cannabis. It was denied. It again applied in 2006 but it was again denied. The entire mainstream media ignored their research of 1974, except that it got a small mention in Washington Post’s Local Section.

Researchers from Madrid who made a big breakthrough research on the TCH cannabinoid effects of cannabis (2000) were unable to get the Virginia research documents for their paper. Dr. Manual Guzman (leading researcher in the Madrid studies) stated that he was well aware of the Virginia research. He has made several attempts for getting the journal article related to the original research, but it was impossible to get it.

This response was received by an independent investigative journalist who obtained the copies of the document from one of the universities in California and faxed them to Dr. Guzman. But by the time the doctor received the documents, his research work had been completed.

What is even more surprising is that the mainstream media entirely ignored the major breakthrough study made in Madrid. The study proved the effectiveness of THC in the reduction of the rats’ brain cancer tumors. These researchers also studied the effects of THC on healthy rats for any side effects, but there was no such impact on healthy brain tissues.

Two major hospitals in Abarbanel and Sheba in Israel are currently conducting successfully conducting treatments and clinical studies on human patients using cannabis. These patients suffer from different maladies. These studies and treatments are funded by none other than the government of Israel. However, our mainstream media has entirely ignored this.

When Rick Simpson made attempts to publicize the cancer curing benefits of cannabis around 1999, he received more favorable objective Canadian TV coverage in his country. It is worth mentioning that Rick didn’t want to make any money from it by patenting it.

Confirmation of Safe Cancer Curing Benefits of Cannabis: Independent Research & Anecdotal Testimonies

Thanks to the Internet, mainstream media doesn’t have the power to stop people from viewing alternative health info. Anecdotal testimonies have shown that many people have recovered from terminal cancers – some of them being in their 80s. Dr. Sanjay Gupta (CNN) is one professional who reversed his stance against cannabis from being anti to pro while he covered the healing benefits of cannabis in severely epileptic kids.

It is no longer doubtful that cannabis is effective and safe against cancer. It works by inducing apoptosis on tumor cancer cells. The process of apoptosis refers to cellular programmed cell death (PCD). When healthy cells die, new cells replace them. However, apoptosis is absent in the case of cancer tumor cells. They continue with the expansion process.

Another property of cannabinoids is that they curtail angiogenis. Angiogenis is used by tumors for growing blood vessels for supplying glucose needed for the tumor’s metabolism.

Thus, cannabis performs two key functions – inducing apoptosis for killing cancer cells and inhibiting angiogenis for cutting off nutrition. As the study conducted in Madrid showed, and as those using or who used cannabis can confirm, it doesn’t harm healthy cells. The standard treatments in oncology also do the same.

It is widely debated that a significant percentage of the deaths from cancer are because of the radiation and chemotherapy treatments. However, the Medical Mafia group will never want anyone to know this and show that the death is caused by cancer. On the other hand, those raising funds will keep making fools of those spending their time, money and energy an endless journey for finding a cancer cure.

Cannabis Usage

The curing benefits are minimal through smoking.Vaping or use of vaporizer is more effective.Ingestion of cannabis paste/oil is most effective.

However, it should always be kept in mind that not taking care of diet and lifestyle changes could jeopardize whatever improvement is made from alternative cancer treatment.

The following is the real life story of a baby cured of brain cancer. The baby was cured fully within 8 months without the need for any radiation or surgery. The treatment involved giving cannabis oil through his pacifier.

Just 2 months into the treatment, the baby’s pediatric oncologist (who performed the diagnosis), stopped all the other treatments that could cause any kind of damage. The doctor called the baby – “a miracle baby.”

Here is a video showing the report of the baby along with his brain scans and how he recovered.

It was reported only by the Huffington Post, something that we can call a part of mainstream media.

Via Real Farmacy | Medical Jane | Facebook | Huffington Post

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