Reverse Disease with a Proven Therapy to Eliminate Pancreatic Cancer and Terminal Liver Disease

Reverse Disease with a Proven Therapy to Eliminate Pancreatic Cancer and Terminal Liver Disease
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Only a small number of people that don’t belong to the scientific community are familiar with it. However, the exclusive antioxidant known as alpha lipoic acid has a scientifically proven ability of renewal of organ tissue. In addition, it is able to destroy some of the most aggressive types of cancers like pancreatic cancer and liver cancer.

A MD with only one goal in his life – saving people’s lives

Dr. Berkson started working with patients suffering from terminal liver disease about 40 years ago. After some time he also started working with people who were affected by other potentially fatal health conditions and diseases. But, the question is why the public has never heard about his work and his special treatment that helped many people?


Even since he managed to heal his first patients, Dr. Berkson didn’t get much attention from the public and the scientific community was silent too. One of the main reasons for this is the cooperation between mass media and the pharmaceutical industry. They are simply not prepared to give up on their expensive, standard treatments and replace them with inexpensive, short treatments that provide the same or even better results.

As a matter of fact, you will be shocked by the reactions of some of his colleagues when Dr. Berkson tried to explain his natural methods of healing. There was one doctor who advised Dr. Berkson to avoid public appearance and keep doing what he is doing because he can experience certain consequences from the Big Pharma.

It looks like the medical community is showing more interest in profit instead of protecting the lives of patients with natural approach

Try to put yourself in a position where you find out that you have late stage pancreatic or NCBI and that there is no way to heal this disease. The healthcare professional simply tells you that you have 3-4 months left. This is certainly devastating for very man or woman. However, after doing some research you figure out that there is an alpha lipoic acid-based treatment that has helped many other patients.

You decide to try these treatments and miraculously the cancer is gone and you are healthy again. This may sound like a made up story, but this actually happened with many patients. But, why is the media silent and why oncologists don’t suggest this alternative method?

After healing two patients that were literally dying of liver intoxication, Dr. Berkson who was still very young MD who was actually trying to get experience in Cleveland, Ohio hospital, Dr. Berkson was unpleasantly surprised that his treatment based on alpha lipoic acid for cancer, liver disease and other diseases was not accepted well by the medical community.

However, he was allowed to explain this treatment in many European medical journals and magazines. For instance, he was able to describe the entire procedure he used on a woman dealing with late stage pancreatic cancer that spread to the liver too in the reputable Integrative Cancer Therapies journal.

Amazing effects from a natural treatment for destroying cancer

The doctors didn’t give any chances to the woman. But, she didn’t lose hope. She visited Dr. Berkson in December and he immediately started the treatment. In May, the pancreatic tumors were gone and the metastasis in the liver was eliminated.

There are many other examples of his success. A man in his early 40s, who entered his office after he found out that he had pancreatic cancer (which also started spreading to the liver) spent three months of treatment with Dr. Berkson and after these three months he was as good as new. It’s been eight years since his cancer was gone and he is still perfectly healthy. Dr. Berkson share his experience with this patient in Integrative Cancer Therapies journal about 9 years ago.

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Even though there are many examples of his amazing results, the work of Dr. Berkson based on alpha lipoic acid didn’t manage to get accepted by the medical professionals. According to Dr. Berkson, conventional medicine is not willing to accept options that don’t belong to certain standards of conventional treatment.

He finds this rejection quite shocking, especially because doctors are more willing to say that there is no hope for the patient instead of trying some alternative natural approach. He also points out that the rest of the world is more open-minded when it comes to alternative medicine.

The big pharmaceutical companies have found a great way to control the majority of doctors

It turns out that US scientific journals are not interested in natural medical approaches. They are probably just following the trend imposed by pharmaceutical industry. If they don’t get the support from pharmaceutical companies, scientific journals in the US know that they can’t expect big profits because these companies will pull their ads.

According to Dr. Berkson, the only thing that big pharmaceutical companies are interested in is profit. An inexpensive, natural solution like alpha lipoic acid will never get the necessary attention from this industry because they don’t find this remedy profitable and they can’t use it as a patented product.

We should not allow Big Pharma to control our lives. Find out how alpha lipoic acid can boost organ tissue renewal and destroy cancer. There is no doubt that this treatment will motivate you like nothing else.

Dr. Berkson has a Ph.D, and M.D. degree. He is a specialist in the field of liver poisoning and alpha lipoic acid and consultant at CDC (Centers for Disease Control). He has created many scientific papers and reports and published them in European medical journals and he is an established researcher, writer and orator.

Dr. Berkson has written several books and The Alpha Lipoic Acid Breakthrough is probably the best one. Dr. Berkson is also the ex head FDA investigator for alpha lipoic acid use (intravenous). He held this position for more than 20 years.

Dr. Berkson actively practices integrative and nutritional medicine in New Mexico. He is working with patients from all over the world. He also worked as a professor and researcher at several organizations like the University of Illinois, Max Planck Institute, Rutgers University etc. In addition, he is a visiting professor at Oklahoma State University and New Mexico State University.

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