Russian Doctor Claims Your Immune System Can Recover in Only 15 Minutes

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If you are prone to colds, you need to start thinking of boosting your immune system. The professor, Sergei Bubnovskiy from Moscow claims that he has a really innovative technology that will help you boost your immune system and improve your health.

What you only have to do is to soak your feet in ice-cold water for about 10 seconds. This is perfect training to fight colds and flu.

You probably prefer warm water, which is more pleasant to soak your feet in but cold water is accepted as a far more beneficial tool in many cultures.

A German study points out that cold showers for less than 5 minutes will prevent any type of cold. They will make you feel more energetic because the heart is beating faster.

So, if you feel a bit cold just take a cold shower.

Just follow these steps:

First, fill a basin with cold water and add ice as much as possible.

Then soak your feet in the cold water and leave them in for 10-15 seconds.

Practice this treatment on a daily basis before you go to bed in order to strengthen your organism.

This method will be very beneficial to those that have a very weak immune system. In that case, it is suggested to practice this method every four hours.

According to a study at the University of Virginia, cold water revitalizes the norepinephrine formation, acting in a similar way as adrenaline.

Icy water is also very useful for:

Fights Depression. The cold water has a strong impact on the receptors in the skin thus relieving the symptoms of depression. As soon as this effect is made, the mood is immediately improved.Relieves Sore Muscles. This method is a perfect treatment for relieving sore muscles.Makes the hair shinier. The cold water will make your hair shinier because it closes the cuticles of the hair making it smoother and shinier.Healthy Skin. The hot water baths can dry your skin while the cold water method will energize your skin since it tightens the cuticles and pores, preventing any clogs.

Via Healthy Food Hero | Healthy Life Vision

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