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Say Goodbye to Brain Hemorrhages, Diabetes, Hypertension, Alzheimer’s and More With The Use of These Simple Leaves

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What is the #1 Anti-inflammatory Food?

The olive tree leaves provide a multitude of of health and anti-disease benefits. They boost the immune and cardiovascular system, increase your energy, balance blood pressure and prevent Alzheimer’s and diabetes diseases.

The olive tree is of major importance in the Mediterranean region, but it is also found in Peru, Chile and Australia. The olive leaf is well known for its medicinal and nutritional benefits since Egyptian times and was regarded as a symbol of divine power.

By the 19th century, olive tree leaves were combined with hot beverages in order to fever while many years later they were used as tea to fight malaria.

The olive leaves are known for their antibacterial properties used to treat candida infections, meningitis, influenza, pneumonia, encephalitis, malaria, gonorrhea, severe diarrhea, common cold, fastidiousness, tuberculosis, chronic fatigue, herpes zoster, the Human Herpes virus 6 and 7, Epstein – Barr virus, Herpes I and II, hepatitis B, HIV/ARC/AIDS,  urinary tract infections, infections of the ear as well as dental surgeries.

The leaf extract protects the heart from coronary occlusion and regulate the flow in blood vessels preventing from damage. If it is practiced a longer period of time it reduces the risk of atherosclerosis.

These properties and benefits of the olive leaves have created the so-called “Mediterranean diet“, mainly based on high amounts of olive oil.

If added some olive tree leaves in the diet, the beneficial properties would be much greater. You can use olive extract either in capsule or oil form or just use the whole leaves. Make yourself an olive leaf tea, add honey, some drops of oil and boost your immune system.

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