Say Goodbye to Your Allergies

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We are convinced that this incredible water is one of the best ways to get rid of spring allergies for good. Spring is the favorite season of year for many people, but there are also many people who hate it because this is when they start experiencing allergies.However, with the help of so-called nasal irrigation you will be able to eliminate the pollen and dust that enters your nose and leads to itchiness and sneezing.

Make this incredible water, cleanse the nasal cavity and get rid of allergies once and for all!

Instructions:Take one tablespoon of marshmallow root and put it in a glass of cool water.Mix the solution well.Leave it like that for three hours.Once the time has passed, strain the solution and use it to cleanse the nasal cavity.

Tea for Allergies

Thanks to this herbal solution you will be able to combat annoying spring allergies.

Ingredients:15 grams of rose hip;25 grams of nettle;15 grams of mallow;10 grams of elderberries;10 grams of marigold;10 grams of spurge;10 grams of thyme.Instructions:

Take all these ingredients and mix them well. Pour two tablespoons of this healthy mixture in a small pot filled with cold water. Place the pot on heat and wait until it starts boiling. After that, remove it from the heat and leave it for about ten minutes. Next, strain the mixture, put a small amount of raw honey and drink this beverage all day.

Final note: prior to getting out of your home, put a small amount of marigold oil (calendula) or virgin olive oil inside and under your nose. In this way you will protect the penetration of allergens inside the nose.

Via Women Daily Magazine

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