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Science Proves Salt Lamps Help People with Anxiety. Here’s How…

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Are you familiar with a Himalayan salt lamp? It is not just a helpful tool in our household but it possesses very attractive and decorative features.


In a world governed by stress and nervousness, we need some generator of positive energy. The Himalayan salt lamp is the perfect tool for that issue. It works in the same way as walking, camping or going out because the positive energy it provides, makes you feel revitalized and refreshed.

This is so due to the lack of positive ions, molecules that are emitted by most of the surrounding technology including mobile phones, computers, TVs, etc. Although they are called positive ions, they do the opposite effect on our bodies, causing anxiety, disquiet and uneasiness.

What are the healing properties of the Himalayan salt lamp? How it can boost your energy and reduce the anxiety? Here are several benefits of its usage:

1. Generators of Negative Ions

The Himalayan salt lamp provides a limitless quantity of negative ions that fight the positive ones around us. The bigger the lamp, the greater number of negative ions. You can choose some big one or several small ones and place throughout your house for greater effect.

2. Health Benefits Provider

This salt lamp not only produce negative ions, but fight the positive ones and so improves your health. This is a result of the great number of trace minerals, even more than 84, that our body needs. It improves the density of the bones, balances the water content and pH in our bodies.

3. Energy Boosters

The negative ions this lamp emits, increase the flow of oxygen to the brain, giving you more energy and makes you more alert. It also fights lethargy.

4. Air Purifiers

The negative ions nullify the radioactive waves that are emitted by the devices around us and purify our air from many toxic substances and bacteria that float in the air.

5. Disease Fighters

The negative ions negate the so called “electric smog”, known for its cancerous effects over our bodies. It also balances high blood pressure, lowers the risk of heart disease and attacks.

6. Sleep Promoters

The most suitable place for the Himalayan salt lamp is the bedroom. It will promote your sleep, fight insomnia and will provide enough positive energy when you wake up.

This salt lamp will not only provide a constant quantity of negative ions, but it will be a decorative element in your home. You will become calmer, energized and you will sleep better.

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