Simple Pineapple Mixture is 5x More Effective and Fights Inflammation!

Simple Pineapple Mixture is 5x More Effective and Fights Inflammation!
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There are only a small number of people who don’t like the taste of pineapples. This sweet fruit is one of the most popular fruits in America. But, besides being delicious, pineapples are also very healthy.

Of course, what makes them healthy are the special ingredients found in them.


Bromelain is the name given to a very useful enzyme that is part of pineapple juice. There are cases when bromelain is used as natural medicine too. This enzyme created compounds in our body that are able to soothe inflammation and pain. It is also used in many other situations like when people want to relax their muscles, heal hay fever, soothe swelling, eliminate fat and protect themselves from tumors.

Vitamin C

This vitamin is here to produce antioxidant effects and boost the work of the immune system. Every fruit that belongs to the citrus family, like pineapple, are packed with vitamin C. This is the reason why even doctors recommend taking more citrus fruits when we notice the symptoms of flu or cold.


Manganese is a very important mineral that is able to process carbs, protein and cholesterol. It turns out that pineapples are loaded with manganese. This mineral plays an important role in creating energy and it also has strong antioxidant properties.

Vitamin A

One cup of raw pineapple chunks has 95 UI of vitamin A. This is more than enough to feel positive effects in your skin and vision. Vitamin A also decreases the amount of mucus in lungs.

Low in Calories

A raw pineapple comes with almost no calories. As you can see, pineapples bring many benefits to our health and we can freely say that you can replace some pharmaceutical drugs with it. This will help you avoid the side effects and save some money.

It doesn’t really matter how you use this fruit – in salads, sauces or eat them fresh – one thing is for sure, pineapples are an excellent source of minerals, vitamins and nutrients. This exotic fruit will help you feel reenergized and happier. Just like any other fruit, you don’t need to rely on eating raw pineapples in order to feel the health benefits. It is also a good idea to juice this fruit. We will now share this Pineapple cough syrup recipe when you are experiencing cough.

Pineapple Cough Syrup

Ingredients:One middle-sized piece of gingerOne cup of pineapple juice (fresh)One tablespoon of honey¼ cup of lemon juice (fresh)Half a teaspoon of cayenne pepperInstructions:

Mix all the ingredients well and drink a quarter a cup of this natural remedy three times a day. Make this drink on a daily basis and drink it until you eliminate the symptoms of cough.

If you are purchasing pineapples, select the ones that are heavy; don’t have bruises or spots and smell very sweet in the place where the stem ends.

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