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Stop Termites from Invading Your Home with These 6 Simple Ways

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There are many kinds of insects, pests, rodents and many other creatures that can infest your house but one of the most dangerous and annoying type is the termite. These small pests can ruin not only the walls but all of the house foundation.

In the beginning, termites can cause insignificant damage. Sometimes it could be years before a person notices the presence and damage of termites but then it would be probably late.

You should provide the necessary protection from various types of pests, especially termites because they can cause significant damage in your house. So, if you have noticed some termites on your walls, it’s the time to remove them permanently.

First of all, you should inspect the infested area. If it is small, you have probably detected it early. If you are wandering where the termites are hiding, look for them in the holes of wood, doors and walls and even sagging floors.

Use some flashlight and a screwdriver to inspect your house. Start first with the basement, especially the foundation beams. Use the screwdriver to knock up the walls and check if there is some hollowness. If it breaks down easily, that could be an important sign of termite infestation.

Also, you can notice the presence of termites in your house by their excrement droppings. Their dark brown waste near a weak or sagging wall is an important symbol of their invasion.

When you find their nest, it’s of crucial importance to determine their kind. There are two types of termites, the subterranean and the dry one. The subterranean type of termites lives in both soil and wood, especially the compost pit near your house while the dry wood termites leave only in wood. The subterranean type lives in warm and coastal regions such as California, Texas and Florida and are can cause greater damage than the dry wood termites.

However, there are many useful methods that you can apply for their removal. The natural ones are temporary while the others are artificial and can last longer.

1. Make a Cardboard Trap – Place strips of cardboard, wet with water in specific areas especially near beams and walls. The cardboard will attract the termites because they feed on cellulose. When you collect the mites in the board, take it out and burn it. In that way, no termite would return again in the nearby area. However, this is just a temporary solution that is useful for small number of termites.

2. If the infestation is located in the walls or a piece of furniture, take it out to some air and direct sunlight in order to kill the termites. The termites live in darkness and the heat and light will harm them.

3. Take some beneficial nematodes in order to remove the mites. Beneficial nematodes are types of unsegmented worms, natural parasites that kill house pests. They will kill the termites within 48 hours.

4. If some small furniture is affected by termites, freeze it for several days and the cold temperature will kill the remaining termites. This is a very good way to get rid of termites when the season is rainy and you can’t expose the furniture to sunlight.

5. If the previous methods were of no help, spray some boric acid to the affected areas. This acid is a component part of termite sprays. Make sure you diffuse the spray first so that it is not harmful for people without protective gear.

6. If it an excessive infestation, call some professional termite exterminating service for a proper elimination of these pests from your home.

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