Tap Water, Known Teratogen, Lethal Drug and Salt

Tap Water, Known Teratogen, Lethal Drug and Salt
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Dasani is one of the most popular bottled waters today. This famous water comes with 4 ingredients – tap water, potassium chloride, magnesium sulfate and salt. According to the manufacturer, the three ingredients (except water) are there to improve the taste. This claim may be correct, but the fact is that each of these ingredients leads to certain effects in the body. Have you ever wondered what these ingredients can do?

1. Tap water

Dasani bottled water is a product manufactured by Coca-Cola Company. It includes regular tap water. If you are like most people, then you are probably fond of tap water. Even though tap water doesn’t have the same taste as fresh spring water, the fact is that by drinking tap water, we are protecting our nature. However, using tap water in plastic bottles is a little bit weird. If you want to consume tap water you can fill a glass in your kitchen.

2. Magnesium Sulfate

In case you didn’t know magnesium sulfate is the other name for bath salts or Epsom salts. According to FDA this compound is classified as Category D pregnancy teratogen, strong laxative and even as drying agent. As a substance that doesn’t contain water, magnesium sulfate is a very efficient drying agent.

Even though studies have not yet confirmed the link, but the truth is that many people say that they actually feel that their mouth is much drier after drinking Dasani bottled water for a while.

It is also a little bit odd that Coca-Cola has decided to use a drying agent in a drink that is supposed to eliminate thirst. According to some experts, in case small amounts of magnesium sulfate stay on the tongue after drinking Dasani, it may make you thirsty after a while.

So, is it possible that Coca-Cola has found a way to encourage you to buy additional Dasani bottled water or some of their well-known beverages? Is it possible that the marketing specialists and designers in Coca-Cola are driven only by profit?

Additionally, magnesium sulfate has many applications in modern medicine. For instance, it has been successfully used in cases where labor must be postponed because this compound can calm the contractions in the uterus. But, this use is slowly becoming less popular because several scientific studies have confirmed that there is a connection between magnesium sulfate use and birth defects. Studies have shown that exposure to high amounts of this substance in a period of one week resulted in different birth defects, so the Food and Drug Administration decided to list substance as a Category D Teratogen.

It is very likely that Coca-Cola would like these results to be hidden from the public, because a lot of pregnant women prefer their bottled water. Of course, we won’t hide the truth and we will show you how exactly large quantities of magnesium sulfate affect babies. After one week of exposure, babies have witnessed changes and weakening of their bones.  So, there is a good reason why magnesium sulfate is now classified as teratogen. In other words, Dasani contains a substance that is listed as dangerous.

Just like in the cases of all chemicals, it is the dose that creates the risk, but isn’t it logical to avoid bottled water that contains additives like this? In addition, magnesium sulfate leads to a taste that is a little bit bitter. So, it’s a mystery why Dasani comes with this ingredient.

3. Potassium Chloride

Now here’s another ingredient listed by FDA, but now its Category C pregnancy ingredient. This compound is frequently used as a good fertilizer. However, potassium chloride can be found in lethal injections and in specific cases of abortions in advanced trimester in order to stop the work of the fetus’ heart. What is interesting is that this substance comes with a bitter and weak taste that leaves metallic feeling in the mouth after a while.

So, once again, Coca-Cola has used an ingredient that ruins the taste of their Dasani water even though they claim that the ingredients are used only for the taste. There are many other articles on the Internet that can help you learn more about the ingredient found in Dasani and there are more dramatic articles that actually call Dasani water deadly.

So, besides potential birth defects, there is a long list of negative effects of potassium chloride and we will mention only some of them: muscle cramps and weakness, stomach pain, nausea, diarrhea, heartburn, bowel lesions, dyspepsia, arrhythmias, gastrointestinal problems, hypersensitivity etc. We must point out that magnesium and potassium are found naturally in food and these essential minerals are crucial to our body’s health.

However, when we extract these compounds from the source, they can produce different effects. So, the fact is that we can rarely see cases of people overdosed with bananas, but there are many cases in which people have felt the negative effects of consuming relatively large quantities of potassium chloride. This is the reason why only a small number of individuals can continue eating processed foods and remain healthy and drop extra weight successfully.

While it is true that there is still no evidence whether the amount of potassium chloride in Dasani bottled water can lead to negative effects, it is also true that most people are not prepared to make experiments by drinking this water.

4. Salt

In the recent period, we are overwhelmed with information suggesting that table salt is bad for our health. However, most nutritionists agree that this hype is present only because salt is part of almost every processed food. When you consume table salt in its natural form, this ingredient is far from dangerous.

However, when you add undetermined quantities of sodium (salt) in processed food, there is no doubt that this practice can lead to some serious health problems. The fact is that Dasani bottled water doesn’t contain large amount of salt, but if you consume more than six bottled of this water on a daily basis, this amount will become significant.

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