Teen Was Drinking 3 Glasses Of Green Tea Per Day. What Happened To Her? Left Doctors Stunned

Teen Was Drinking 3 Glasses Of Green Tea Per Day. What Happened To Her? Left Doctors Stunned
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An English teen was experiencing many health problems – she felt dizziness, nausea, lightheadedness and she felt pain all over the body. That’s why she decided to visit the doctor’s office who diagnosed her with urinary tract infection and gave her the typical pharmaceutical antibiotics to solve the problem.

But, after using only two pills, the situation got worse, so she had no other choice but to go the emergency room at the hospital.

The first thing that the doctors at the ER noticed was the yellowish skin and whites of the eyes which are obvious signs of the presence of jaundice.

When she visited the ER, her condition was labeled as serious and she required constant medical attention. Some of the doctors believed that she is suffering from hepatitis because the liver was inflamed and swollen too.

But, this diagnosis was a little bit strange because 16-year-old girls usually don’t experience severe and sudden reactions from hepatitis, so they tried to identify the causes that resulted in this difficult situation. Once they determined the cause they were shocked.

The girl said that she wasn’t travelling outside the country for a while and that she never used any illegal or even legal drugs and she didn’t use alcohol. In addition, she was never part of blood transfusion and until that moment she didn’t feel any pain or didn’t deal with any disease.

Of course, the doctors continued to question her even though the number of questions was running out. However, they’ve found out that the girl purchased 2 boxes of green tea originating from China and she has consumed this tea for more than 60 days on a daily basis (three cups). The teen was attracted by the advertisement that promised fast and healthy weight loss and suppressing of appetite.

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But, the detailed instructions were in Chinese and she decided to drink what she considered to be a “normal” dose of tea. The doctors asked her to bring some of the tea and started analyzing the product. Once they got the results she was told that she must stop consuming this tea right away.

These tests have confirmed that the green tea includes Camellia sinesis which is a kind of evergreen plant that has leaves suitable for preparing different types of tea like green tea. Camellia sinesis was the reason why the teen experienced these health problems and there were several cases in the past that linked this compound to hepatitis and liver damage especially in women who regularly take green tea extracts and supplements.

There were cases in which people experienced severe liver damage and had to replace their liver with the help of transplantation. There were several cases of fatalities too. The doctors also believe that the tea contains a few types of chemicals too because the weight loss effects they’ve promised couldn’t be achieved with natural ingredients.

The team of doctors were so shocked that they decided to share this case in the popular BMJ Case Reports journal where they concluded that there is a great chance to develop hepatitis through consumption of pesticides that come from less regulated or unregulated products purchased online from different countries in the world. Customers usually don’t know much about these products, so they are encouraged to do more thorough research before they buy something like this or even better – stay away from such products.

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Finally, the teen girl recovered relatively fast and about 60 days since she stopped drinking this green tea, the liver was functioning properly again. The team of doctors is now mentioning her case when they want to emphasize the fact that green tea can result in liver problems and that certain types of green tea which are advertized as excellent weight loss products may come with dangerous substances like pesticides.

In case you still want to drink green tea, choose one from a well-established brand.
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