The 10 Most Healthy Nuts to Keep Your Immunity Strong

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Do you know the amazing benefits of including various nuts in your diet?

Nuts are filling, delicious, and offer nutrition at the same time. They are very often linked with various health benefits such as better cholesterol levels, better immune systems, better heart health, and can also aid in the process of weight loss and help you shed those extra pounds.

Nuts possess a variety of vitamins and minerals that your body needs and help you to stay healthy and fit. Apart from the benefits mentioned above, nuts can also nourish your skin, nails, and hair. So, including some of the nuts in your diet is a wise option.

Given below are 10 nuts you must include in your diet to get good health with immunity.

1. Brazil nuts

Brazil nuts are one of the biggest nuts and contain loads of nutrition. It possesses anti-cancer properties and also helps to maintain the health of the prostate gland. It has selenium and various minerals that can boost the health of your immune system.

2. Almonds

There is a reason why Asian parents give almonds to their children before exams. Almonds regulate the production of the hormone dopamine in the brain and also sharpen your memory.

3. Peanuts

Peanuts consist of good fat that can help in the maintaining elasticity of the skin. Apart from this it also regulates the blood sugar level and controls depression.

4. Pecan

If you wish to get healthy and bright skin, Pecan can be a great nut to consume. It is rich in fiber and also in vitamin A and Vitamin B. The nut also contains various other minerals like manganese, iron, copper, and phosphorus.

5. Cashews

Rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, cashews are very good for your heart. It not only lowers the level of bad cholesterol in the blood but also helps in the prevention of coronary heart diseases. They are also absolutely the best treatment for depression without medication.

6. Chestnuts

Known for their sweet taste and crumbly texture, chestnuts are good for your health too. It not only heals the capillaries and blood vessels but also helps in the eradication of various respiratory ailments.

7. Walnuts

Walnuts are great inflammation fighters. It helps in the protection of the body against any kind of cellular damages. It can also prevent cancer and skin ailments. So, including it in your diet can be a wise idea.

8. Pistachios

These green nuts have numerous benefits and are a wise snack to go for. The nut is very rich in Vitamin E, and aids in the regulation of blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels too. It is very rich in energy and can contribute to flawlessly beautiful skin.

9. Hazelnut

This is the ultimate nut to stay healthy and fit. You can consume this nut with a glass of milk to maximize the benefits. It can not only help to repair the damaged DNA but also helps to maintain digestive health. It also keeps your nervous system healthy and helps in the creation of red blood cells.

10. Macadamia

Macadamia is a sweet-tasting delicious nut that is also very good for health. It is one of the few sources of palmitoleic acid and is known to increase the metabolic rate. Macadamia is high in calories but is known to mobilize the stored fat. It also consists of magnesium, calcium, iron, healthy fat, and copper.

Therefore, if you were thinking that nuts are just delicious snacks, think again. These come with numerous health benefits that you can get only when you consume them. So, just bring these nuts and pop it up.

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