The 6 Green Winners When it Comes to Combating Allergies, Insomnia, Detox

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Most of us find the safety of our own home to be of utmost importance. We even consider it to be our little haven from the troubles and dangers of the outside world. That is rightly so, but unfortunately, we are not as safe indoors as we’d like to hope.

There are many factors, most go by unnoticed, which can very well cause damage right in our own bedroom. And we remain none the wiser. Well, as far as pollutants go, it’s time to put a stop to it.

And all it would take are a few plants. Many of us are not aware of the allergens and other toxic matters floating around and causing grave problems. To name a few: asthma, all kinds of allergies and skin conditions, and even cancer!

Luckily, here are six wonder-working home plants to protect us from such diseases:

1. Who Needs The Sandman When You Have Lavender?

First off on our list we have Lavender. I’m sure some of you have already heard that it’s great for getting a good night’s rest. It helps one relax after a stressful day. It also slows down the heart rate, calms down crying and yelling infants. Furthermore, it relaxes the muscles for some decent shut-eye.

Some further information about the lavender is that it is a scented herb and a part of the mint family. The oil extracted from it has to use for those suffering from insomnia and restless nights.

It has other uses as well. You can use its leaves to fill sachets to keep under your pillow. Much like you did your baby teeth, waiting for the tooth fairy. Also, keeping a potted houseplant is not only a great decoration item but can relieve you of stress.

2. And While We’re On The Topic Of Sleep Improvement…There’s Jasmine

At number two we have the lovely jasmine, which also aids in your slumber quality and reduces the chances of migraines. It also helps with other problems related to sleep disorders. So from the lack thereof in the morning, it makes you an early riser full of energy.

3. It’s Not Like Anyone Wants To Breathe Polluted Air…So Have Some Rosemary

A cousin to the lavender due to them both belonging to the mint kind, we have the rosemary. With its antioxidant and antibacterial acid properties, can not only clear the air by preventing bacterial infections but can also help fight inflammations, mend your general mood and even slow down the aging process!

Oh, worth the mention is that this powerful plant can help better your memory as well as fuel your other cerebral functions.

4. Nor Having To Deal With Bothersome Allergies…Luckily There’s Aloe Vera

Next up we have Aloe Vera.  And yes, I’m sure most if not all of you are already well acquainted with the benefits surrounding this plant. A great number of them are about healthier skin, intestines, or hair. But did you know this? According to NASA, it is one of the most effective natural air purifiers.

Especially when it comes to those pesky allergens and all kinds of nasty, harmful bacteria. So the title of the medical plant is certainly no exaggeration.

So next time you can’t think of a gift, why not try giving your loved ones a pot of health. It can be for their birthday, anniversary or even for no special occasion at all.

You can be sure they’ll be grateful once they also learn the numerous benefits. Just remember to keep this houseplant near the window for plenty of sunshine.

5. Need To Have Your Mood Improved? You Don’t Need a Mood Ring, You Need Valerian

This next plant has actually been a household favorite since as early as the nineteenth century. The Victorians were wrong about many things, health-wise included, but this most definitely isn’t one of them. You can recognize it with its lovely-scented pink or white flowers.

Their fragrance is popular for lowering anxiety and calming the spirits when one feels trapped from all the daily stress. And, big surprise, valerian can also help with traumas concerning sleep and alleviate the mood.

For other ideas on how to use it, you can also brew its petals if you’re a tea lover. Or even take a nice scented bath.

6. And Let’s Finish Off With A Little Detoxification- Using Peace Lily

Last but certainly not least, the peace lily, whose name could not be any more fitting than it already is. Thanks to its many benefits, it is so much more than just a decoration piece. One of them is humidifying the air in your bedroom throughout dry periods.

It does so thanks to the high-water content contained in its lovely flowers. What’s even more amazing is that it can play a major role in preventing the many types of air-transferred diseases.

Thus, it keeps its owner safe from allergies, which can cause a runny nose and dry cough to begin with. Staying true to its air-purifying character, it also absorbs a huge number of hazardous pollutants. Benzene, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde just to name a few.

Source Haden Allergy | Haden Allergy | Aloe Life; Image Source Coach Nine

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