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The 7 Most Dangerous Prescription Drugs

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A shocking report that comes from Harvard University points out that the European Commission has found that nearly 330.000 patients in the EU and the USA lose their life due to prescription drug use each year. This makes prescription drugs the 4th leading cause of fatalities together with stroke.

However, this doesn’t mean that we will suggest stopping listening to your physician’s recommendation because after all, that’s illegal, but our advice is to read and learn more about the side effects and risks that each of these prescription drugs that you take brings.

The WHO (World Health Organization) says that the pharmaceutical industry makes around 300 billion dollars on a yearly basis. In the next few years, this profit will increase by at least 100 million dollars a year. Only ten companies have a 35% share of this market. Some sources say that pharmaceutical sales have reached more than one trillion dollars in 2014 worldwide and judging by the growth these figures will reach 1.5 by 2020.

In other words, the production of prescription drugs is a huge business. Unfortunately, this business has hidden and negative sides too. Many people ask themselves whether they can rely on the pharmaceutical industry and their drugs due to the fact that most of them are funding popular medical journals. In addition, doctors get a certain fee for prescribing specific pills.

Most Dangerous Prescription Drugs

In order to avoid any problems and stay safe, we have created a list of some of the most dangerous prescription drugs. We have also described what kind of negative effects they may bring.

1. Sleeping pills – over the counter and prescribed

Taking sleeping pills can lead to increased chances of experiencing a stroke. A scientific study led by Dr. Petrov and published in 2014 has shown that both prescription and OTC sleeping pills boosted the chances of developing stroke and what was shocking was that this factor contributed more than a family history of heart disease, high blood pressure, and poor habits like drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes. The fact that this is the risk that is on top of the list of risks for stroke should certainly make you look for alternatives.

2. Cholesterol drugs – statins

Are you aware of the fact that fatalities linked to heart failure have increased by about 100% from 1989 to 1999 and that the use of cholesterol drugs was approved in 1987? It turns out that this is not a coincidence. Statins can disrupt Co-Q10 production and according to many experts, this is the reason why there is an increased number of people witnessing heart failure today.

The liver is another organ that may be at risk when people use drugs to manage their cholesterol levels. It is rare for individuals who are taking statins to experience hepatoxicity, but this occurrence is not odd. As a matter of fact, several scientific studies have found that cholesterol drugs can lead to serious liver damage and this is especially true if patients take more than 50 mg of statins a day.

On the other hand, it is not unusual for people suffering from high cholesterol levels to be advised to take even 80 mg of these drugs. Simvastatin, Atorvastatin, Pravastatin, Lovastatin, and Fluvastatin have been associated with liver injury and damage.

3. Blood pressure drugs – calcium channel blockers, beta-blockers

There are many different drugs used to control high blood pressure, but it seems that calcium channel blockers are the most popular ones and unfortunately, they have been linked to many health issues. The adverse drug reactions caused by calcium channel blockers include chest pain, edema, breathing problems, and hypersensitivity.

A scientific study published two years ago has confirmed that CCBs that start acting right away is linked to increased chances of developing breast cancer. In addition, so-called beta-blockers have been linked to a few adverse side effects like increased chances of post-surgical troponin rise, cardiac dysrhythmia and heart failure, premature birth, and chances of developing hepatic failure.

4. Alzheimer’s drugs

There are many studies and tests that have confirmed the benefits of using psychotropic drugs, but there are also some reports that have confirmed the side effects of these drugs. A scientific study focused on the conventional treatment of Alzheimer’s disease (treatment with drugs) has concluded that antipsychotic drugs raise the risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, and stroke in patients.

According to some stats, the most commonly used drug for this purpose is Aricept also known as Donepezil which often leads to dizziness, insomnia, diarrhea, nausea, malaise, and lightheadedness.

5. Arthritis Drugs or NSAIDs

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are prescribed very easily when patients feel pain and one should have no problems buying such drugs in the pharmacy. However, many people are unaware of the fact that these drugs are often associated with fatalities caused by pharmaceutical drugs, and people with weak immunity and the elderly are the most vulnerable categories.

In addition, NSAIDs have been related to gastrointestinal health issues too because they damage the stomach’s lining and increase the chances of experiencing internal bleedings and ulceration. There are some renal effects that have been associated with their use leading to sodium and fluid retention and high blood pressure which ultimately lead to cardiovascular issues.

In rare cases, individuals suffering from serious kidney problems may have to rely on dialysis. Many people believe that NSAIDs are harmless, but they are among the most dangerous prescription drugs.

6. Diabetes drugs – Avanida, Actos, Metformin and Byetta

Drugs prescribed to control high blood sugar levels which is a symptom of diabetes are another type of prescription drug that you should learn more about. Metformin is one of these drugs and you should know that it has been related to liver damage.

A scientific study conducted not while ago and focused on various ADRs has found that individuals using more than 500 mg of Metformin, 3 times per day and insulin glargine, are more prone to developing hepatitis. Discoloration of the stool and urine and jaundice are the two health issues that come as a result of liver damage caused by metformin use. In addition, this type of liver damage can lead to unmanageable bleeding and improper elimination of blood toxins.

7. Chemo – Tamoxifen

Using this type of drug has always been known for the negative effects on human health. In case a person is diagnosed with cancer, the standard therapy that they are advised to take is chemotherapy. Of course, doctors will help patients understand the side effects that using chemotherapeutical drugs causes.

In fact, these drugs are so strong that they can kill aggressive cancer cells that are trying to spread in the patient’s body, but the thing is that they are destroying completely healthy cells too. So, the main point is to kill cancer cells and hope that the patient will still have enough healthy cells to continue living.

Lack of appetite, hair loss, and weakness are some of the mildest side effects caused by chemotherapy. The more serious side effects include chronic fever, blood in the stool or urine, intense pain in the area where chemotherapy is received, nausea, diarrhea and vomiting, and breathing difficulties. Chemotherapy is actually killing many patients dealing with cancer.

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