The Best Home Remedies for Dark Circles Around Eyes

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Bags and dark circles around eyes occur for many reasons including genetic and hereditary facial features, allergies, eye fatigue and many other factors. Whatever the reason for their appearance is, it is a well-known fact that no one likes having dark circles around eyes. If you touch the skin in this area, you will notice that this part of the face is much softer and because of that, it is much more prone to injuries.

Black eyes occur in some common situation, which we cannot even call accidents/incidents. Even a slightly harder pressure in this part of the face can result in a black eye.

Oil glands help the skin recover faster and protect the skin from possible damages. However, the area around our eyes is one of the rare parts of our body where the skin doesn’t have oil glands.

As we have mentioned before, dark circles around eyes can appear because of many factors. Fatigue, hereditary traits, poor diet, lack of sleep etc. The good news is that we can often prevent their appearance. For example, practicing a healthy lifestyle can keep your skin healthy. Make sure that you consume enough vitamins and minerals.

Instead of looking for a fast and expensive solution based on shady ingredients, try to use homemade remedies. Some of these remedies have been used since ancient times and they have proven to be really effective against dark circles around eyes. There is no better option than using natural ingredients for a problem like this.

Home Remedies for Dark Circles Around Eyes

These are some effective home remedies for dark circles around eyes that can be ready relatively fast and they will not cost you much.

Tomato juice.

Not many people know that tomatoes are vegetables rich in vitamins. Many remedies based on tomatoes are used for skin lightening. Some use tomatoes to regain the natural color of their skin. The best part is that this particular remedy doesn’t have to be applied or prepared in some special way. The only thing you have to do is to drink a glass of tomato juice and wait for the effects.

Cucumber juice.

One of the first vegetables that come on your mind when someone mentions face mask is probably cucumber. Cucumber contains some very useful ingredients that “feed” the skin. Many experts recommend applying cucumber juice instead using slices of this useful vegetable. The procedure is simple – dab some cucumber juice on the affected area and let it stay for around 15 minutes. After that, rinse the area with lukewarm water. Adding a couple of lemon drops will boost the effect. Perform this procedure twice a day.

Cucumber and Potato juice.

Very often dark circles around eyes come together with puffiness (bags) under the eyes. In situations like these, a mix of potato and cucumber juice can be very efficient. Apply the same procedure used for cucumber juice remedy. Potatoes will work on the swelling while cucumber will eliminate dark circles around eyes.

Cucumber juice and cotton wool pads.

Take two cotton wool pads and soak them in cucumber juice. Once you lay down place the pads over your eyes. Let them stay for around 15 minutes. This procedure will not only help you eliminate dark circles around eyes, but it will also bring benefits for your skin health.

Keep in mind that when you are using potatoes and cucumbers you need to stick to organic options. Non organic vegetables are available almost everywhere and they are affordable but the truth is that they can bring potential dangers to your health especially for your skin.

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Source: Health Digezt

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