The Best Test to Psychoanalyze Yourself

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This “Psychoanalyze Yourself Test” doesn’t require any special preparation and probably the only rule is, to be honest, and avoid cheating. This interesting test will provide answers to some of the dilemmas you are facing in your life and make you analyze your patterns of behavior. Who knows, maybe you will figure out how to make some changes and become a better person once you finish the test and see the results.

Take a pen and paper or use some writing application on your mobile device before you start “solving” this test. Once you finish reading the question, write down the answer. Keep in mind that you need to answer all ten questions before you continue. Don’t cheat!

Psychoanalyze Yourself Test

Read these questions carefully, visualize the situations in your mind, and write down the things you imagine fast. Don’t overthink it!

You are walking in the woods but you are accompanied by someone. Who is this individual?While you are walking in the woods you notice an animal. What kind of animal did you see?Is there any contact between you and the animal and what is this interaction?You continue your walk in the woods and all of a sudden you notice a clear area with no trees and your dream house in the center. What is the size of this structure?Is there any fence around your dream house?You carefully walk inside the house. You enter the dining area and stop to take a closer look at the dining room table. What do you see on and around this table?You use the back door to leave the house. In the backyard you see a cup lying in the grass. What kind of material was used for the production of this cup?What happens with the cup?You continue to the border of this property where you notice that this is an edge of some kind of water. What is it – a river, lake, sea, ocean?How do you pass the water?

This test is known as the relational psychology test. Depending on the type of answers you provide for these questions it is very easy for an experienced psychologist to determine your ideals and values. These are the general answers to the 10 questions we’ve asked.

The person that was walking with you is the one that means the most to you.The animal’s size reflects the size of the problems you face in your life.The intensity of the interaction you have with the animal can determine the way you handle these problems (do you practice a passive or aggressive approach).Your personal ambitions to solve the problems are determined by the size of the dream house you’ve imagined.The absence of offense means that you are open-minded and very friendly. In case there is a fence you are probably more reserved and need more privacy.In case you didn’t mention people, food, or flowers then you are most likely dissatisfied with your current situation.The type of material found in the cup will show your personal views about the strength of the relationship with the most important person in your life (the one from the first answer). Metal and ceramic generally represent durability.The way you handle the cup speaks about the attitude you have towards the person we’ve mentioned before.The size of the water (its capacity) represents the amount of your loving instinct.Those who are completely wet find their love life very important.

We hope that these answers will make you analyze your current life. Even if you are satisfied with your life, there is always room for improvement!

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