The Best Ways to Use Ginger to Lose Weight and Burn Belly Fat

The Best Ways to Use Ginger to Lose Weight and Burn Belly Fat
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You already know ginger as a pungent and spicy root that provides numerous health benefits. But, did you know that it can also affect your weight, helping you lose those excess pounds and that stubborn belly fat?

Research Studies on Ginger’s Use for Weight Loss

A research study has confirmed the Ayurvedic belief that consuming ginger root can help control your weight. In 2014, the Journal of the Science and Food of Farming had published a study that shows overweight rats have reduced their weight by taking supplements of the ginger compound called gingerol for 30 days. What’s more, the rats had improved leptin and blood sugar levels.

Leptin is a substance necessary for the process of weight loss, as it helps to feel satisfied and complete after a meal. The researchers believe ginger supplements prevent weight issues caused by a diet that includes high-fat sources, concluding that these supplements can be a promising adjuvant treatment for obesity and its possible complications.

In 2013, the European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences published a research study conducted on rats which discovered that taking ginger supplements is as effective as Orlistat – a well-known weight-loss medication. Moreover, ginger significantly improved the rats’ levels of blood cholesterol by increasing the good, HDL cholesterol levels.

Due to its ability to help digest your food properly, and to make you feel full for longer, ginger can indeed affect the weight loss process.

How Does Ginger Help Burn Belly Fat

Besides helping in weight maintenance, ginger can also keep that annoying belly fat away. It can target the main culprits of belly fat buildup, including hormonal modifications, overindulging, and lack of energy which results in a lack of workout.

Consuming ginger root or ginger water can suppress the urge to overeat as it makes you feel full for longer.

Chronic stress and hormone changes can trigger spikes in the blood cortisol levels, throwing your metabolism and immune system out of balance. Increased cortisol means a higher risk of weight gain and a harder time to lose belly fat. But, a 2004th post in the Biological and Pharmaceutical Publication says ginger can reduce the production of cortisol. It can help restore the internal balance and support weight-loss and wellness. Its unique taste can naturally boost your physical and mental energy levels.

How to Use Ginger for Weight Loss

Here are the best ways to use ginger to lose weight:

Chew on a tiny piece of raw ginger root before eating. Ginger consumed in this way helps stimulate food digestion, manage metabolism, reduce the production of cortisol, and boost energy levels.Another way to use ginger is to grate a small piece of it and combine it with a dash of salt and a bit of lemon juice in a blender. Eat this blend before every meal to help manage your hunger and your digestion.Ginger lemon tea is another great way to use the powers of both, ginger and lemon to lose weight.But, you shouldn’t consume ginger only before meals. Feel free to increase your ginger intake by using it as a spice in your cooking. In fact, if you cook ginger for around six minutes you will increase its health benefits.

Ginger Tea Helps the Process of Weight Loss

Ginger tea will boost your energy levels while burning your calories. Enjoy this tasty beverage 2 or 3 times a day to obtain its health benefits, including the ability to help the weight loss process.

Here’s how to prepare it:

Grate one inch of fresh ginger root, or use a teaspoon of ginger powder. Add it to a heat-resistant glass with a two-cup capacity. Pour boiled water over the ginger, and let it steep for at least ten minutes. Strain, and add a teaspoon of organic honey and a bit of fresh lemon juice to taste. The health benefits of honey and lemon will further improve the power of ginger tea.

Another option is to combine or replace the water with Matcha tea. This tea will speed up the fat-burning process by four times.

Other Health Benefits of Ginger

Besides aiding the weight-loss process, ginger can help reduce anxiety, inflammation, stop vomiting, detox your body, treat various conditions, and even destroy cancer cells.

If you keep dry, powdered ginger in an airtight glass container and store it in a cool and dark place, it will last up to several months. When it comes to storing fresh ginger root, it’s best to keep it in the fridge for up to three weeks. But if you freeze it, its health benefits will last up to 6 months.

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