The Incredible Health Benefits of Eating Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

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We have all heard about the Himalayas – a huge mountain range that is dozens of million years old. What is even more interesting is that the mountains of this range are actually growing each year (5 mm per year) and this fact was confirmed by National Geographic.

This is one of the reasons why the list of top 10 highest mountain peaks in the world has 9 peaks that are part of the Himalayas. Of course, the highest one of all is also found there – Mount Everest.

About 1000 miles west of the most popular peak of the Himalayas, in the northern part of Pakistan, on the base of the mountain people can find the Khewra Salt Mine and the so-called Salt Range. The location we’ve mentioned is important because this is the location with the highest concentration of Himalayan pink salt.

Many millennia ago, a very shallow sea was gone and what was left from it was hundreds of tons of sea salt in a crystallized form. Overall these years, the salt was buried under the mountains.

People have realized this a few centuries ago when the first salt mine was opened, but the incredible health benefits of taking Himalayan sea salt were discovered and popularized only a couple of decades ago. Since this salt was left below the mountains range, over all these years it has incorporated many nutrients in it.

According to few scientific studies, this salt contains 84 trace elements and minerals and some of them include sulfates, potassium, copper, calcium, zinc, magnesium, iron, iodine, and many more. All these minerals and we must point out iron above all, are the reason why this salt comes with a pink color.
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Health Benefits of Eating Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

The following is a list of health benefits of eating pink Himalayan sea salt that people who consume can expect:

This salt support’s our body’s effort to cleanse itself from the toxins that accumulate in our body over time. It works together with water to extract the toxins from the cells and drive them into the bloodstream. The toxins are later delivered to the kidneys and to the spleen and finally into the liver where they are processed and eliminated from the body.

Stabilizes blood pressure. Himalayan pink salt is able to lower high blood pressure thanks to the lower amount of sodium it contains compared to standard salt. The refined types of salt have smaller crystal structures. The pink sea salt has larger crystals and each time we take this salt we are taking a smaller amount of crystals. The taste remains the same and the blood pressure is stabilized over some period of time.

Supports relaxation. The body, mind, and muscles will definitely enjoy pink sea salt intake because this salt has a structure that allows fast absorption. In other words, the worn and tired muscles will be recovered and reenergized much faster and in a natural way and your body will feel more relaxed and be free of stress.

Himalayan sea salt is helpful in cases of sinus and respiratory problems. Take some Himalayan sea salt and put it in a glass of hot water to dissolve it. In this way, you will remove the symptoms of sinus issues. In addition, this practice will help you get rid of or ease several common respiratory problems like asthma for example. Crystallized salt rock lamps produce negative ions and these ions are able to purify the air and ultimately eliminate sinus problems.

These are only some of the benefits that Himalayan pink salt provides. It was also confirmed that this salt is good for those looking to improve their sleep.
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Additionally, this salt reduces the chances of developing spider or varicose veins because it can repair the damage that occurs in the veins.
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