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The Lemon Water Mistake Millions of People Make Every Morning

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As you are probably aware, the vast majority of people make weird faces when they consume raw lemons. They usually squint their eyes and tighten their lips.

Yet, many people at raw lemon because they are convinced that this is how they can get the most from this interesting fruit. However, many experts claim that taking raw lemon juice together with one glass of hot tap water can provide some incredible health benefits.

Should We Drink Lemon Water?

Of course! One of the main benefits of drinking lemon water is that you will no longer need to make those weird faces when consuming raw lemon. When you drink this mixture in the morning you will feel refreshed instantly.

In addition, your metabolism will be accelerated and you will notice that your body is re-energized.

In case you didn’t know, lemons are packed with many health benefits and many studies have shown that they contain incredible amounts of vitamin C.

For instance, just one cup of lemon juice gives you 190% of the daily recommended intake of vitamin C.

In addition, lemon juice provides great amounts of magnesium, potassium, and copper.

However, you should be careful about how you prepare, serve, and consume lemon water. It turns out that many people make the same mistake when they are using lemon water. Namely, they eliminate the lemon peel. It turns out that lemon peel is extremely nutritious. Well, you are doing it wrong.

The good news is that in this article we will explain how to do this in the right way.

The Perfect Recipe for Lemon Water

Take two fresh, raw lemons (organic if possible)Feel free to slice them in any sizeAfter that, squeeze some of the lemons into the water.In addition, grate a certain amount of the zest of the squeezed pieces in the drinkPut the rest of the slices you have not squeezed in the mug, blender bottle, or travel cupUse ice cold water or hot water to fill the container to the top.

Lemon Water is Extremely Useful

The vast majority of experts in this field say that lemon water has high acidity levels which make it ideal for supporting the work of the digestive system. In addition, it makes the body process food more carefully and slowly. In this way, your body preserves insulin stores and you will also get the most from the food you’ve consumed.

Additionally, lemon water accelerated the work of the GI tract early in the morning, so you can expect to reduce the retention of fluids.

Try lemon water today and feel the positive effects right away.

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