The Most Genius Survival Hacks We All Must Know  

The Most Genius Survival Hacks We All Must Know  
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There is no doubt that life is complicated and this is especially true for the lives of modern people. We all have different everyday tasks that we need to think about and thinking about rationalizing space and what to do in a case of apocalypse is probably something that most people don’t have time to consider.

The following article is all about tips and tricks about survival, rationalizing space and other similar practical tips that you probably don’t know.

In case you’ve decided to spend some time in the wilderness camping and all of a sudden a heavy rains hits your tent, your camping skills used for lighting fire will probably be worthless. However, this doesn’t mean that you and your friends are doomed – you can always light up a bag of tasty chips. Chips like Doritos can serve as fire starters, but you will still need to find burning material.

In case you have many scarves, you probably know how difficult it is to organize them in a drawer. So, replace your drawer with a part of a hanger and put a bangle. When you put the bangles you can hang dozens of scarves on them.

If you are a fan of playing tennis, it is very likely that you are an owner of at least a couple of tennis rackets that are put somewhere in your house. Make them useful and turn them into a place where you can hang your jewelry. In this way, you will bring back your sporty spirit and easily find the piece of jewelry that you need.

Construction work is very risky and it is not a surprise if you get injured while doing it. Minimize the risk of hammering your hand or fingers by using a comb to keep the nail in place.

Stick a magnetic strip in the bathroom. This is a good way to keep all the small bathroom products made of metal into one place.

In case you work at home and there is no one around, you should put your phone in a small bowl. It turns out that the bowl is a great amplifier of sound, so you can listen to the music your device creates much louder.
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