The One New Sign That You’ve Already Had Coronavirus

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During the pandemic, we have learned that COVID-19 may cause skin issues such as lesions, rashes, and COVID toes. Even though the skin is our biggest organ, the mouth is one of the most sensitive parts of the body that reveals a lot about our overall health. According to new research, the mouth can reveal symptoms of this extremely contagious virus that can also lead to death.

Rashes in the Mouth

On the 15th of July, JAMA Dermatology published a research letter in which it is revealed that on closer examination, in some patients, covid can be detected via mouth symptoms. In particular, they have rashes in the mouth located on the mucous membranes.

At the beginning of April, the team of Dr. Jimenez-Cauhe, the lead researcher of the University Hospital Ramon y Cajal in Madrid examined twenty-one patients diagnosed with skin rashes and COVID-19. 29% or six patients of all, at the age of 40-69, developed oral cavity lesions (enanthem) in their mouths.

According to HealthDay, Dr. M. Green of New York’s Lenox Hill Hospital provided an explanation of enanthem: “An enanthem is a rash or small spots that appear on the mucous membranes. It is very common in patients who have viral diseases such as chickenpox and hand, mouth, and foot, disease are particularly susceptible. Mucous membranes are a common symptom of several viral rashes.”

It was noticed that rashes appeared two days before or twenty-four days after the other symptoms. On average, patients may get rashes twelve days after the appearance of the rest of the symptoms.

The researchers explained that the enanthem was caused by Covid-19, and it was not an unwanted secondary effect of any treatment.

Is enanthem a common Covid-19 symptom?

“Many patients with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 do not have their oral cavity inspected, due to safety concerns,” researchers say. So, the answer would be that it is difficult to determine the commonness of enanthem.

“Skin is a Window”

Some may wonder about the reason behind coronavirus causing skin rashes. Continue reading to find out why is your skin affected by this disease.

A dermatologist at Yale Magazine, C. Nelson, MD, reported for Eat This, Not That!, “Skin is typically a window into a person’s health, and may display indicators of COVID-19 infection”. Skin rashes can take various forms such as small blisters, morbilliform (looking like measles) exanthems (many, symmetric, pink-to-red lumps that can blend), and hives (itchy red wheels on the skin).

Patients with coronavirus have reported different purple skin lesions on hands and feet (COVID toes). Some of them complained about itchy lumps, others about painful lumps. There were patients who even suffered skin injuries to angulated skin areas because of bad blood circulation.

Dr. C Nelson explained, “It’s crucial to remember that these skin symptoms are non-specific, which means they could be caused by other infections, systemic illnesses, or pharmaceutical side effects. It’s critical to obtain medical advice from your doctor.”

Source: Eat This, Not That

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