The Pain Disappeared and Never Came Back Again (RECIPE)

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In case you are dealing with sinus headaches all the time, this is the best natural remedy for you!

In case you are experiencing AANS and you are forced to experience it every year, be sure to try this solution.

You will only need one regular boiled egg and a towel made of cotton.


Once you boil the egg, don’t peel it. Simply take a cotton towel and wrap the egg while it is still very warm and place it directly between your eyes on the forehead.

Use the egg in this position until it gets cold and after that remove it.

The best results can be experienced when the egg is used right after it is boiled.

Perform this natural treatment on a daily basis until you notice that the headaches are gone.

In most cases, the headaches disappear after two days.

Don’t eat the egg used in the procedure because the pain might return.

Via Everyday Health

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