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The Powerful Cancer-Fighter You Can Grow in Your Front Yard

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Colon or colorectal cancer is the second cancer killer in U.S, according to the mainstream oncology. But a lot of people with this type of cancer have survived by using various Hopkins Medicine.

One living example is Chris Wark”. He encourages all cancer survivors who have used other therapies than chemo, radiation, and surgery, to share their successful stories on his website Chris Beat Cancer.

The best method against colorectal cancer is to try prevent it in the first place. For that purpose, we should exercise moderately, and not indulge in the standard U.S. diet, as well as to try avoid the stress of the modern busy lifestyle.

But there is a certain food that has the power to prevent this type of cancer. Its positive effects have been proved by in vivo and in vitro studies. This food are the purple potatoes!

The Purple Color

Purple potatoes are rich in anthocyanins, which gave them their color. They go after the stem cells of colon cancer. This is really important as these cells are actually the mothers of other such cells.

Very often, cancer stem cells grow resistance to traditional oncology treatments, which leave them free to form other cancer cells. It is exactly this that causes reoccurrence of cancer that has been treated with radiation or chemo.

Researchers from one Penn State study wanted to show their belief that anthocyanins help kill cancer stem cells, by using baked as oppose to raw purple potatoes. Their in vivo and in vitro studies included extracts from the baked purple potatoes, with which they successfully reversed the growth of tumors.

Jairam K.P. Vanamala from the Department of Food and Science in Penn State University suggests comparing of the cancer stem cells with roots of weeds. He says that although we may cut the weed, if the roots are still there, the weed will keep on growing and reoccurring. In the same way, if the cancer stem cells are not removed, the cancer could grow and spread.

You can find organic purple potatoes in most health food stores. They originate from Peru, and till now they haven’t been genetically modified by Monsanto or other of their branch. Purple potatoes are too small for baking, and a good way to prepare them is to boil and mash them with sea salt and organic butter.

Cut them in small pieces and boil them to make a great potato salad with a homemade mayonnaise, or a healthy one without soy or canola oil. Tart cherries and plums also contain anthocyanins, which you might expect because of their color. These fruits are consumed raw, and you can even add several tart cherries into the potato salad.

Resistant Starch

The resistant starch is a type of starch not quickly digested to produce sugar. It disappears when cooked, but it somewhat returns after it cools off. You can obtain it from white and purple potato salads, as well as peas and pastas, after being refrigerated and then consumed at a room temperature.

Purple potatoes are high in resistant starch, which contains the potent antioxidant and tumor fighter- chlorogenic acid. This acid highest in raw or cooked starchy foods which have been refrigerated and consumed at a room temperature.

Janine Higgins is a food research from the University Of Colorado School Of Medicine, who says that resistant starch is present in green bananas, beans, peas, and other legumes, as well as in cooked and cooled starchy foods such as pasta salad or sushi rice. The moment you heat these foods, the resistant starch is gone, but it returns if you cool them and eat the foods at a room temperature or below. If properly consumed, this starch turns out to destroy pre-cancerous bowel cells.

We have explained how you can reduce the risk of colon cancer, but the salad with purple potatoes and several tart cherries gives you double blow against colorectal (colon) cancer.

Via Real Farmacy | Cancer Defeated | NCBI | NCBI

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