The Real Truth about What Causes Cancer and Why Doctors Constantly Ignore It

The Real Truth about What Causes Cancer and Why Doctors Constantly Ignore It
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In 1971 an unusual thing happened for the medical world. The Congress and President Nixon declared a kind of war on cancer. But nothing much important has happened during the four decades that passed after it. If we sideline all the hype and check the statistics, we will find that not much has happened.

We might imagine that if we apply the offerings of modern science in the last four decades, it could take us to something that can almost eradicate cancer. It will be good to compare development in cancer to other areas of technology. Look at our cell phones, they are more powerful and capable than the biggest supercomputers 40 years ago.

Cancer rates have grown over the last 40 years. In fact, cancer surpasses heart disease as the No.1 killer in America for the age group 45-74. There is a very high chance that someone in your circle is suffering from cancer, dying from it or has already died.

The War on Cancer – An Utter Failure

Reynold Spector notes these 6 reasons for this failure in the work he authored for the Skeptical Inquirer:

We are yet unable to understand the pathogenesis or cause in most cancers;Most cancer treatments (apart from surgery) are not specific cell killers or ‘smart’;The grant system and clinical trials don’t promote innovation;Animal models of cancer are usually insufficient;Screening drugs for fighting cancer cells has not been successful;Ineffective ‘fads’ keep coming and going in research.

Even though these factors show why the failure has occurred, this list tells exactly what could be wrong with this system. There is a general ignorance of the point that cancer could be nothing else but a man-made disease which is caused mainly because of toxic overload.

A little while ago, I authored an interesting study on ancient mummies and found that cancer doesn’t fall into the category of ‘natural’ diseases. Even genetics don’t form as the main factor. Tumors were very rare during those times. It is only in this era of poor diet and pollution that they have started emerging. What are the reasons the scientific and medical communities have mostly ignored such basic points?

The Underlying Causes Behind the Problem

Cancer rates are increasing because no one is making an attempt to address the underlying cause behind most cancers. On the other hand, most research is focused on costly drugs targeting late stages, enriching the drug companies, but not preventing cancer.

This is a field where even the smallest amount of prevention can be worth a lot as a cure. I have a strong belief that if you can follow the advanced health plan, you could almost eradicate the risk of developing most types of cancers.
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What Causes Cancer?

The cancer epidemic is mostly claimed to be caused by our lifestyle and environmental factors. They include the following:

This is certainly a brief list on what causes cancer and an elaborate one will be too long. If you want to learn more about the consumer products which are considered to be contributing to cancer, kindly check the ‘Dirty Dozen’ list by the Cancer Prevention Coalition.

Pharmaceutical researchers want to show to the world what they are making every effort to find the solution. But we see nothing else but all the researchers taking place in developing new drug therapies. They are not getting anywhere close to the cause of the problem. Otherwise, they could learn about all these lifestyle problems mentioned above. I look at it this way – if you ignore your lifestyle factors, you are putting your own life at risk. It is obvious that drug-based ‘advances’ are going nowhere against this disease that is progressively advancing.

Cancer drugs, on the other hand, are infamously toxic and offer destructive and even deadly side effects. Those behind conventional medicine are working so hard to create the illusion that they are engaged in a fight against cancer. But many such drugs continue to be used despite not offering anything to extend the life or improve quality of life of people diagnosed with cancer.

Avastin was the best-selling (and too costly) cancer drug but it was stopped from usage for treating metastatic breast cancer after research showed that the benefits were almost nil compared to the hazardous side effects. It became clear that it was ignorant to treat a disease caused by toxins using toxins.

Genuine Cancer Advancements that Should Reach Public Domain

Over the past three decades, the cancer burden has increased two times across the world. It is expected to grow at same rate during 2000-2020. By 2030, it is likely to triple. This will happen if we don’t start taking cancer prevention more seriously. This trend can be reversed if the medical community no longer overlooks the methods that could have a major impact.

There are 3 cancer developments which specifically need a lot of attention. Conventional medicine has not accepted them yet.

1. Vitamin D

There is lots of evidence that shows that deficiency of vitamin D has an important role in causing cancer. According to researchers, around 30% of deaths from cancer (around 2 million globally and 200,000 in the U.S.) can be avoided annually if vitamin D levels are optimized in the population.

I believe that you could reduce the risk of cancer by over 50% by doing nothing else but optimizing vitamin D levels through exposure to sunlight. If you are already under treatment for cancer, you should have higher blood levels of it (80 to 90 ng/ml).

There is a huge population that is at enhanced risk of cancer because they have low levels of vitamin D, as they don’t get enough exposure to the sun.

When it comes to providing protection against cancer, vitamin D offers protection in various forms.

Regulation of genetic expression;Preventing cancer cells from spreading and reproducing;Causing the mutated cells to self destruct (if mutated cells are allowed to replicate, it could lead to cancer);Causing differentiation of cells;Reducing the chances of development of new blood vessels from existing blood vessels (this is a step in transformation of dormant tumors becoming cancerous).

2. Optimize Insulin Levels

One of the best actions you could take to reduce your cancer risk is to normalize your insulin levels. Otto Warburg won a Nobel Prize in the 1930s for his research on the physiology of cancer cells. This showed how cancer cells need more sugar for thriving. It is surprising that not many oncologists use this knowledge nowadays.
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One of the best examples is that of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America. It has stringent dietary measures in place in its cancer treatment program.

If the insulin levels increase in your body, they could cause significant damage. Diabetes is a common form of this damage. Dr. Ron Rosedale (M.D.) pointed out the following in one of my widely read articles, Insulin and Its Metabolic Effects:

All kinds of diseases, from common cold to cancer to osteoporosis to cardiovascular disease and everything in between – all have their roots in at the molecular and cellular level. He says that insulin will certainly have some role to play in a disease and in many cases it controls it.

Fortunately, it is easy to control your insulin levels. You should start by controlling how much grains, sugars or fructose, and processed foods you are taking. This will prevent insulin levels from rising.

3. Exercising

report this adIf you are also like most others, exercise is not the first thing that comes to your mind when you want to reduce cancer risk. But there is good proof that exercising could help in reducing cancer risk.

Exercise primarily helps in reducing cancer risk by lowering the high levels of insulin. It helps in creating an environment of low sugar that helps in discouraging the development and spread of cancer cells. You should optimize your vitamin D levels and control insulin levels – the two most effective ways in reducing cancer risk.

If you are a physically active adult, you reduce your risk of colon cancer by 50% compared to those leading a sedentary lifestyle. As a woman who exercises on a regular basis, you can reduce your risk of breast cancer by 20-30 percent compared to your inactive counterparts.

Exercise also helps in improving immune cell circulation in your bloodstream. Remember, our immune system is the first shield of protection against anything ranging from a small illness such as cold to the most destructive and deadly diseases such as cancer.

When it comes to exercising, it is important to understand how you can use it as the exact tool. It is important to ensure that you are exercising adequately to reap the benefits.

But don’t overdo it to get injured. It should also be the right kind for exercise to create the perfect balance between your physical structure, flexibility and strength, and your anaerobic and aerobic fitness levels.

That is the reason exercise should be seen as a drug that should be prescribed with care for achieving optimal benefits.

Making Right Personal Choices to Win the War Against Cancer

There is a lot that you can do for reducing your risk of cancer. According to the conservative American Cancer Society, a third of all deaths from cancer are related to:

Poor diet;Excess weight;Physical inactivity.

If you make the best and healthy lifestyle choices, they can prove to be big in eliminating the failure-streak and reducing one factor in our war against cancer.

Optimize your vitamin D levels by getting safe exposure to the sun. It will be best to keep track over your vitamin D levels all the time.Keep control over your insulin levels by putting a limit on how much sugars or fructose and processed foods are taken.Get the right amount of exercise. The main reason why exercise is effective is because it keeps our insulin levels low. It is one of the best ways for reducing risk of cancer.Get the right amount of omega-3 fats.Use a tool that could permanently eliminate the neurological short-circuiting that could activate cancer genes. The CDC too agrees that around 85% of diseases have emotions as their root cause. Chances are that this could be an even bigger factor than all of the physical factors mentioned above. I use the Emotional Freedom Technique for this purpose.Not more than 25% of people consume adequate amounts of vegetables. So make sure to consume as much vegetables as you can. But make sure to consume organic and fresh veggies. Cruciferous veggies have specifically been found to have powerful anti-cancer benefits. Keep in mind that carb-based nutrition could require up to 300% more veggies compared to protein-based nutrition.Make sure to maintain the right body weight.Minimize your exposure to environmental toxins such as Kids Spot, air pollution, and Molekule Science.Get sufficient amount of quality sleep.Minimize the use of wireless technologies, especially cell phones. Make sure to put different kinds of safety methods in place if you are unable to avoid their applications.

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