The Secret to 5,000-Year-Old Method of Relieving Neck and Shoulder Pain Is in Your Hand

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Your hands can have much to do with the pain in your neck and shoulders.

The creator and author of “Yoga Tune Up” and “The Roll Model”, Jill Miller, points out that many hand activities like writing, typing, holding something creates a tension that spreads up to the shoulders and neck. In the show of Oprah, Miller described how playing with tennis ball can relieve this tension.

Take a tennis ball and place it on a harder surface and place the part of your hand where the thumb meets the rest of the hand on the tennis ball. Roll the hand so the junction open and apart.

Although it can be awkward, but this is the point when you relieve stress.

Then center your hand for a minute as if you are juicing oranges and then stand up, raise your arms over your head. You will be surprised to notice how the exercised hand stretches back further than the other one.

This shows how you can improve your flexibility.

This method is a type of acupressure. According to Bipasha Mukherjee there is a one more pressure point in the hand that can relieve pain in the neck. It is known as Hidden Valley, located between the thumb and forefinger.

In order to a activate this point, cradle your hands , gently press the knuckles of the left into the center palm of the right hand.

With the left thumb press the soft part of hand, below the thumb and the forefinger.

Hold it like that for 3 minutes and then repeat the procedure again on the left one.

Via Home Remedy Daily

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