The Tea That Lowers Blood Pressure (Hibiscus Tea)

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According to many experts, hibiscus flower is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. However, this flower is praised not only for its aesthetical value, but also for its medicinal properties.

There are many different species that are used in alternative medicine.

The tea that comes from hibiscus is tart and sour like cranberries, so it is not unusual to add some citrus of sugar in it.

What is interesting is that there is a research that has confirmed the healing properties of hibiscus tea and it turns out that this tea is especially useful for heart health.

Experts have shown that the red flowers of this plant can reduce high blood pressure due to their diuretic effects (they prevent water retention) and due to the presence of the enzyme that converts angiotensin and block anthocyanins.

This compound has the ability to constrict blood vessels in a similar way like hydrochlorothiazide and lisinopril pharmaceutical drugs do, but with limited positive effects and no side effects.

Hibiscus Tea Recipe

Now here’s how you can prepare this refreshing, tasty tea.


Three tablespoons of dried hibiscus flowers or five tablespoons of fresh flowersFour cl of waterOne tablespoon of raw sugarOne cinnamon stickOrange juice (one orange)


Boil the water and pour it over the cinnamons tick and hibiscus flowers. Wait for twenty minutes and strain the solid content. Add orange juice and sugar. You can drink it iced or hot. Enjoy!

Via Prevention

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