Things Ladies Should Know About Dating A Car Guy

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Dating a car guy can be an experience. Good or bad. If you are not into cars, you may struggle understanding some of the things that your guy does. You may not understand a thing that he is saying. But no worries, you will soon become educated in everything that currently confuses you, and more. Let us go over some things that you need to keep in mind if you are already in a relationship, or things to consider before entering into one.

1. His Baby-You have probably already heard him refer to his car as being his baby. Maybe you thought it was cute, and you got a good laugh out of it. The truth is that his car is his baby. He will be obsessed with it. Keeping it clean and looking good will be the center of his life.

2. Walking-His baby deserves to be protected so be prepared to walk whenever you go shopping. He will park in the farthest section of the parking lot, away from everyone else. And when someone does get close to the car you will hear all about the ignorance of people. If the offending cars owner is still around, they will hear about it as well.

3. Knowledge-Whether you wanted to know the intricate workings of a motor, and how weight distribution works, you will learn all about it. How about how torque and power are different, and how they affect the car? You will learn all about that, as well as much more. By the time you are done you will know more about cars and trucks than most people in the world. Congratulations.

4. UPS-You will get to know the UPS and FedEx delivery crew on a first name basis. After all, there is always something that can be added onto the car, and there are always upgrades that can be done. You may even get discounts on things that you order because he is such a great customer. Benefits of the car guys world can be many, as long as you embrace it as well.

5. New Car Stress-When the time comes that you want to buy a new car, it will be one of the most stressful things that you can do. He will inform you of all things, good and bad, and will try to talk you into getting a car that he puts his stamp of approval on. You can listen to him, or not, depending on how feisty you are. Either way, though, never let him talk you into getting the first car loan offer that you get. You need to use an online site that will compare car loan offers for you. From there all you will have to do is to sort them, read them, and pick the one that is best for you.

6. Spare Time-A car guy will spend most of his down time on the internet checking out car articles, car forums, and recent technology. If there is a car show close by expect to spend some time there. It is like an obsession with a band, he will want to do everything that he can to be a part of the car world.

Those are not the only things that you need to know when dating a car guy, but you should get the point. His world will revolve around his car and the automotive world that he has built around himself. He will obviously be available for you, and want to include you in his life, so be prepared to become one of the most well-informed car people, whether you wanted to or not.

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