This Herb Improves Eyesight in People And Solves Problems with The Eyes, Vision and Eye Pressure!

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“Euphrasia rost ko Viana” or Eyebright is used as a natural medicine for conditions concerning the eyes, centuries ago. According to the legends in Roman times, Eyebright was known as Euphrasia after Euphrosyini, the Greek migrate whose name means joy.

Actually, this plant brings joy to anyone who use it for eyes healing. This plant could even improve vision to those people over 70 or 80.

The Plant Euphrasia

The herb is an annual one that grows from two to eight inches tall. It has deep cut leaves with purple and white blooms. The blooming season is between July and September. Euphrasia needs grass to thrive due to its parasitic nature.

Which parts Are Used

When it blooms, the plant prepares an extract. This is around July or August. The extract contains some chemical compounds like tannin, tannin acid glucose and mannitol, a crystalline water or sweet tasting alcohol.

What Euphrasia Does for The Eyes

In the alternative healing treatments, it was seen as a potent eye remedy for treating different types of infections of the eyes. Also, it was found that it promotes healing, kills viruses and bacteria and relieves the eye dryness and pain.

It reduces the inflammation of the eyes due to inflammation of the eyelash follicles and conjunctivitis, an inflammation of the eye membrane. This extract can replace the expensive eye drops.

How Does Eyebright Act on The Respiratory Tract?

Its anti-inflammatory properties are highly beneficial against upper respiratory tract infections, fever, sinusitis and catarrh (or inflammation of the mucous membrane). For bronchial cold it is used as an herbal smoking mix of the dried herb. Also, it is used for treating nasal irritations and seasonal allergies.

How Eyebright Heals Skin Wounds?

Its astringent properties heal skin wounds. Eyebright is usually applied on the affected part of the skin or as a compress. It can be used for treatment of acne and skin inflammation. Cold compresses are beneficial for tightening of the skin.


Adults should use up to 2-4 grams of dried Eyebright, three times a day. For tea, you need 200ml boiling water and 2 tablespoons of dry eyebright. Stir the tea occasionally and then strain it. Drink the tea unsweetened, three times a day. If you are using the eyebright as an eye drop, apply 1 drop 1-5 times a day.


You can find Eyebright in the form of liquid, tablets, teabags, loose dried leaves, powder, tincture and oil. It can be found online or in stores.

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