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This Inkblot Test Will Reveal Your True Personality!

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Are you familiar with the free associations method many psychoanalysis use?

Sigmund Freud, regarded as the father of modern psychology, created this method. It can reveal the true nature of a person without being asked directly but leaving it to speak for any unrelated subject freely.

Basically, this is an attempt to expose the subconscious of the individual since here you can find the real nature one has.

It is quite interesting, right? Well, the brain hides many things we don’t even know yet.

We are aware that a psychoanalysis can be very expensive.

But, now, you can experience the benefits of the free association method sitting comfortably on your chair and spending no dollar at all!

This technique is quite accepted throughout the world and people made some interesting resources for the ones who want to learn more. One of these excellent resources is the PlayBuzz ink blot quiz. Look at the images and answer the questions.

There is no need for overthinking about the questions, just answer them as you see it and go through the quiz to see the associations at the end.

Do you like the ink blot test? Was the test accurate for you? Write a comment on the result and do not forget to share it with your friends. Have fun and compare the results!

Via: David Wolfe

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