This Is Definitely the Best Way to Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

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After years of research, scientists found a breaking discovery. According to them, tea can drastically reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. So, this is definitely the best way to prevent Alzheimer’s disease until now.

According to a study, conducted at the National University of Singapore in 2017, drinking tea can prevent this disease from harming you.

Most people would rather choose a cup of chamomile or matcha green tea than any other beverage. It does not only taste good, but it provides many benefits for your brain. When it comes to the Alzheimer’s disease, tea is not only cheap, but it is a drug-free treatment for this condition.

Best Way to Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

The study that we have mentioned included more than 950 adults around the age of 55 and even older. It examined the participants’ drinking habits from 2003-2005. For the next four years (2006-2010) the researchers evaluated the participants’ cognitive functions.

What were the results? The people who tend to drink tea regularly, have reduced their risk of neurocognitive disorders by 50%. What is especially impressive is the fact that tea is particularly effective for those people who are genetically predisposed to Alzheimer’s disease. These people reduced the risk of such cognitive impairment by 86%.

So, it turns out that TEA is the best way to prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

Also, the researchers point out that the only thing that matters is a regular consumption of tea brewed from tea leaves and not the type of the tea.

In What Way Tea Impacts the Brain

So, tea is the latest proof for Alzheimer’s disease that actually protects your brain. This is due to the potent compounds in tea such as theaflavins and catechins. These ingredients are rich in powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which protect the brain from aging.

According to a 2013 study, the caffeine and theanine in tea have enabled tea drinkers to perform better at work. This also improved their alertness and creativity.

Caffeine pairs up really well with L-theanine, an important relaxation-promoting amino acid. This potent combination reduced mental fatigue and increased memory and alertness.

In 2012, a study showed that EGCG, an important chemical in green tea significantly improves memory level. This chemical promotes the production of AP which the brain itself can adapt to its own needs.

The scientists tested this property of EGCG on lab mice and found that it improved their spatial memory and helped them to recognize objects.

So, thanks to this chemical, the green tea is the best way to prevent Alzheimer’s. Also, it improves memory, alertness, reduces mental fatigue, etc.

How to Get the Most Out of Tea?

If you would like to include more tea into your life, here is the right way to do it:

1. Use real tea leaves.

The tea bags are really convenient for this condition, but the leaves offer far more healing benefits. However, it does not mean that the tea bags are bad for you but make sure you always choose the leaves because they have many things to offer.

Fortunately, there are convenient teapots where you can trap the leaves. So, you just have to choose your favorite type of tea.

2. Do not brew the tea too long

Pay attention to the clock while you are making tea. For instance, green tea needs only 2-3 minutes steeping. After this time, it releases tannins and a bitter taste. Other types of tea need about 3-5 minutes to steep.

3. Take care of what you are adding

Although healthy, tea can become an unhealthy drink depending on the ingredients you additionally add to it. So, if you sweeten up your tea with several teaspoons of table sugar, you will not only add empty calories but also you will ruin your whole drink.

Instead of sugar, use small amounts of organic honey or Manuka honey, which are high in potent healing properties. However, stay away from supermarket honey because it is often fake.

If you prefer a creamy tea for Alzheimer’s, add organic, coconut milk or organic, full-fat milk. However, make sure you avoid the non-dairy creamers because they are high in artificial colors, hydrogenated soybean oil, carrageenan, corn syrup and many other harmful ingredients.

So, the coconut milk coffee creamer is a great dairy-free addition to your tea.

To conclude, tea is not only the best way to prevent Alzheimer’s disease but it is the healthiest one.

Source Medical News Today | Life Extension

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