This is How Headaches Reveal What is Wrong with Your Health

This is How Headaches Reveal What is Wrong with Your Health
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Experiencing a headache is not something unusual and almost every individual experience this unpleasant feeling from time to time. There are many people who automatically reach for medicines, but there are some people who try some natural things like eating bananas or increasing water intake.

However, there are specific types of headaches that can’t be eliminated with bananas and water. As a matter of fact, there are dozens of different headaches and thousands of people are misdiagnosed year after year when they ask for help in healthcare facilities after witnessing headache signs and symptoms.

Modern science still doesn’t have an answer to the question what leads to so many different types of headaches, so finding proper treatment is always difficult. In many cases, headaches come as a result of fatigue or dehydration. However, there are cases when headaches are an indicator of something more serious.

In the video that you will find in this article, Dr. Sakib Qureshi, a recognized neurologist, describes the warning signs of some serious diseases that come with specific types of headaches and how to determine the difference between a regular headache and a headache that indicates the presence of life-threatening diseases.

So, before you decide to take a couple of pills when you notice the presence of a migraine or a headache, it is the best idea to spend some time analyzing the symptoms in order to determine whether you need a different treatment or not.

Even though there are dozens of different headaches, we can separate them into four groups and each of these headaches says certain things about our overall health. By determining the type of headache you have you can treat the problem adequately. As we already said, pills can sometimes solve the problem, but it is much better to use natural solutions.

Types of Headaches

1. Tension Headache

This is definitely the most frequent type of headache. Tension headache makes people feel a continuous pressure in the head or ache and this pain/pressure is most intense in the temples and the back of the neck and head. In addition, people sometimes experience a burning pain around the ears.

This type of headache is not painful as a migraine, so you can’t expect vomiting and nausea. Specialists are convinced that this form of headache may come as a result of scalp muscles and neck muscles contraction which is usually a natural response to high levels of stress.

Treatment: inflammation can easily be reduced with the help of ginger tea while pouring some peppermint oil directly on the hairline can lead to a cooling and refreshing sensation that will ease the tension in the muscles located on your neck and head. By using these two remedies you will be able to reduce or even get rid of a tension headache.

2. Migraine

According to some statistics, more than 37 million men and women (including children) in the US experience migraines every year. Migraines are typical for the population between 25 and 55 years, but regardless of your age, you may experience migraine too. It is good to point out that this is not simply a more intense headache.

Migraines represent a set of neurological symptoms. They come with intense, recurring and severe pain on the left or right side of the head (although in 30% of the cases, this pain is experienced on both sides), together with some other symptoms and signs like visual problems, vomiting, nausea, lightheadedness, dizziness, sensitivity to light, sound, smell and touch and numbness. Migraines is a type of headache that is usually felt from the forehead downward.

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Treatment: Several studies have confirmed that Vitamin B12 or riboflavin is able to provide relief for those dealing with migraines. In addition, omega-3 fatty acids and magnesium provide similar effects. So, try to take sufficient amounts of these ingredients every day in order to protect yourself from migraines.

A scientific study conducted four years ago has also shown that aerobic physical activity was efficient when it comes to prevention of migraines. People got the same effects by taking topiramate, a famous medication for prevention of migraine, but it is always better to use natural methods to prevent this unpleasant occurrence.

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3. Cluster Headache

This type of headaches typically occurs above one of the eyes and they are present more in men compared to women. Cluster headaches are chronic and they appear in cycles or groups. This type of headache usually appears all of a sudden and results in strong, almost unbearable pain concentrated on one side of the face.

Those who are suffering from cluster headaches can also witness runny nose, nasal congestion or watery eyes. The direct reason behind these headaches is still not discovered, but what is known for sure is that cluster headache appears in cases where the nerve pathway located in brain’s base is triggered.

Treatment: Capsaicin cream comes with one active ingredient – cayenne pepper. Use a small quantity of capsaicin cream topically on the nostril on the side where you feel pain. With its help you will be able to stop the nerve pain signals.

4. Sinus Headache

When a sinus experiences inflammation, we can expect AANS. This headache, just like the rest of the headaches causes pain. This specific type of headache is a result of an infection and it usually comes together with a fever and strong pressure and tension around the forehead, cheeks and eyes.

Treatment: First of all, increase the intake of fluids in order to prevent dehydration. Lukewarm water can make the sinuses more opened and ease inflammation. As we all know, vitamin C is packed with antioxidants and can help the body combat infections.

In order t increase the level of vitamin C in the body, drink lemon green tea and eat oranges and other citrus fruits. It is also a smart idea to use cold and hot compress, fresh ginger and warm soup.

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