This is How They Live to 120 Years, Give Birth at 65 and They Do Not Have Tumor

This is How They Live to 120 Years, Give Birth at 65 and They Do Not Have Tumor
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When people encounter Hunza people for the first time, they notice three things about them – they are happy, they are very lively, and incredibly strong. These people look younger than their actual age which puzzles many foreign visitors.

One thing that they practice in their diet is eating a huge amount of apricots on a daily basis. Hunza people have lived in the northern mountainous region of Pakistan for hundreds of years.

The population of this region is about 87.000. What makes them interesting is that many Hunza people are able to reach 100 years and some of them live for 120 years. According to some sources, there were cases where some members of this ethnicity have lived for more than 150 years.

It is very rare for Hunza people to get sick. They are almost unaware of the existence of tumors, they look incredibly young and the Hunza women are able to get pregnant even after 50.

According to many scientists, the Hunza people are a good example of how a healthy diet and lifestyle have a positive impact on humans. These people often practice icy water bathing even when the temperature is freezing. Hunza people don’t eat processed food, they eat the food they grow.

Organic veggies and fruits, nuts, different types of cereals including barley and miller, a large number of dried apricots, legumes, and a small number of eggs, milk, and dairy products are the foods that are part of the typical Hunza people’s diet.

Hunza people walk many miles a day, but they don’t eat too much. They usually have two meals – breakfast and lunch. Hunza people love to walk – they typically walk up to 20 km each day. These people eat meat, but this is very rare – just a few times a year and they usually eat chicken or lamb meat. They always have a smile on their faces.

Another interesting thing about them is that they practice a strict eating regime for a period of 2-4 months. When this period comes, they don’t eat solid food – they just drink raw juice made from dried apricot. They are following this old tradition that is practiced when they don’t have access to raw fruits.

Experts have confirmed that this fasting period and the special diet have definitely made people of this region live longer and happier lives.

The practice of taking large quantities of apricot could be the reason why they are not developing tumors. Seeds from apricot are packed with vitamin B17 which provides strong anticancer effects and Hunza people also make oil from these seeds. However, these amounts are very small because large amounts can actually harm their health (and life).

Every Hunza family is trying to grow as many apricots as possible. What is sad is that in the recent period, some of them have started using processed foods and as a result of that they have witnessed some diseases they have never seen before.

These energetic and healthy people claim that they are directly linked to the greatest general of all time – Alexander of Macedon (Alexander the Great) and his soldiers. Some of his soldiers decided to stay in this region and married local villagers.

About 30 years ago, mass media in the UK shared a story about Said Abdul Mobudu a member of the Hunza people who arrived in London and showed a passport that said that he is 150 years old.

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