This is the Worst Place to Keep Your Cell Phone

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Nowadays, cell phones have become an absolute necessity for modern man. However, these devices can seriously harm a person’s overall health. This article will show you in what way it harms your health and how you can protect yourself.

According to the author of “Disconnect – The Truth About Cellphone Radiation” by Dr. Devra Davis, there are serious radiation hazards that emanate from cell phones.

In the beginning, Dr. Davis was skeptical about the danger cell phones cause, until she did detailed research. Now she works to provide epidemiological and toxicological evidence to prove her claims that radiation from cell phones is not only highly dangerous but can be even lethal.

In her lecture, she points out that cell phones do not affect your health with their power but with the inconstant nature of their signal. This signal can disrupt resonance and obstruct DNA repair.

In fact, this is one of the most reasonable theories for understanding the different health impacts, including cancer.

Can Cell Phone Radiation Lead to Cancer?

One particular example is that of a woman whose life story proves the cancer-causing properties of mobile phones. She had no predisposing risk for cancer but ended up with multi-focal breast cancer.

This case was disclosed in a newsletter by the Environmental Health Trust. It turned out that this young lady kept her mobile phone in her bra.

John West and Robert Nagourney, cancer specialists, explained there was one possibility that may have contributed to the onset of her cancer. In fact, they connected the dots which perfectly lined up her mobile phone.

Although it can’t be proved that it was her cell phone that caused her cancer, this is an important warning for all women who place their phones in their bras or even in their pockets.

Bear in mind that keeping your mobile phone close to your body can cause serious harm to your overall health. So, where you should keep your cell phone? The answer is quite simple; you shouldn’t have it at least 6 inches away from your body.

Why is Dangerous to Have Your Cell Phone Close to Your Body?

Although some areas of your body are continuously exposed to radiation from your mobile phone, some specific parts are even more vulnerable.

According to research from 2009, attaching a cell phone to the hip can lead to a weakened pelvis. The researchers measured the pelvic bone density in nearly 150 men by using an X-ray technique. These people regularly had their phones to their belts, 15 hours a day for about six years.

The results have shown that there was a lower mineral density on the side of the pelvis where the cell phones were attached. This indicates that bone density is significantly affected by the electromagnetic radiation emitted by cell phones.

One important fact to mention is that cell phones emit radiation even when people do not make a call. So, by wearing a cell phone in a certain area for 15 hours, that particular area is exposed to continuous radiation.

Extensive use of cell phones can significantly affect the fertility and health of males.

When cell phones are attached to the belts, the radiation does not only affect the reproductive organs, but other sensitive organs in that particular area such as kidneys, liver, bladder, and colon. All of these organs are highly susceptible to radiation.

Current Studies Link Cell Phone With Cancer

According to Linda Penny, the rate of parotid gland tumors significantly increased in the last 30 years. The highest increase took part in 2001.

The parotid gland is an important salivary gland that is located close to the cheek, the area where most people hold their phones. The research has shown a four-fold increase in parotid gland cancer in the period from 1970-2006. However, the other salivary gland cancers remained stable.

The principal researcher of a 2008 study, Dr. Siegal Sadetzki did research at the U.S Senate Hearing which showed that cell phones significantly contribute to salivary gland tumors.

The research pointed out that there is an increased risk of a parotid tumor for:

34% higher risk for regular cell phone users who have used a cell phone for five years;58% of those cell phone users who had at least 5,500 calls;49% of those who had more than 266.3 hours spoken on their cell phones.

WHO Claims: Cell Phone Radiation is a Class B Carcinogen

On a global level, there are nearly 6 billion cell phone users, or 87% of the world’s population. In fact, this is a point of no return, and cell phone use keeps on increasing.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer as part of the World Health Organization, on May 31, 2011, has reported that cell phones may indeed lead to cancer and this radiation is a potential carcinogen for people. This classification came as a response to research that showed that wireless telephones could significantly increase the risk of brain cancer.

Children Even in Utero – Exposed to Greatest Risk

Unfortunately, children, in general, are exposed to the greatest risk because their thin skull bones allow the radiation to penetrate deep within the head to the midbrain. Additionally, their cells tend to reproduce more quickly, and that’s why they are more vulnerable to aggressive cell growth.

Also, children tend to have greater lifetime exposure. The Swedish professor, Lennart Hardell states that children who start using cell phones as teenagers have a four-fold risk of brain cancer as adults.

Pregnant women must avoid cell phones at any cost. In 2008, the researchers analyzed 13,000 children. The results have shown that cell phones have caused behavioral difficulties to children while in the womb or during childhood.

So, just 2-3 uses of handsets per day during pregnancy can lead to developed hyperactivity difficulties with emotions, conduct, and relationships in children. There was an even greater risk when these children started using their cell phones before the age of 7.

Also, the study found that children whose mothers regularly used cell phones have a 54% greater risk of behavioral problems. When these children started using their cell phones, they have:

80% greater risk of behavioral difficulties;25% greater risk of emotional problems;34% greater risk of difficulties relating to their peers;35% greater risk of hyperactivity;49% greater risk of problems with conduct.

Scientists Claim: The Harmful Effects Can Now Be Proven

According to the experts specialized in the sphere of the effects of electromagnetic radiation, cell phones, and other gadgets can lead not only to cancer but different health conditions. They include diabetes, depression, impaired fertility, and heart irregularities.

The Ph.D. Martin Blank, an expert on molecular and cellular effects of electromagnetic radiation, gave an informative speech in 2010. This speech was called The Health Effects of Electromagnetic Fields,  and it gave an explanation of why DNA is vulnerable to electromagnetic radiation of all kinds.

The International Journal of Radiation Biology claimed that DNA contains two structural properties of fractal antennas: self-symmetry and electronic conduction.

Both of them promote the reactivity of DNA to electromagnetic radiation. Dr. Blank is determined when he points out that this harm is a significant one. He states that the harmful effects of cell phones were peer-reviewed and evaluated by suitable scientists.

The Non-Thermal Effects of Mechanisms of Interaction Between Electromagnetic Fields and Living Matter has published an analysis in 2010, about the popular mechanisms of action, such as DNA effects.

Also, the mobile industry has conducted a 13-country Interphone study which revealed that there is a 40% greater risk of brain cancer for more than 1,640 hours of cell phone use.

In 2007, Swedish research found that there is a 540% greater risk of brain cancer for more than 2,000 hours of cell phone use.

Safety Tips

In general terms, the telecommunication industry is larger than the medical industry and has a greater influence than the drug companies.

Bear in mind that there is strong scientific evidence that shows that cell phones significantly affect people’s health, especially the health of children and pregnant women. How to protect yourself from this radiation? The answer is simple. Minimize your exposure and use of these wireless devices.

These Tips Will Help You:

Restrict the Children’s Use of Mobile Phones. Children shouldn’t use any wireless device at any cost.Restrict Your Use of Mobile Phones. Make sure you turn off your mobile phone more often. Try to use it only for some important matters and emergencies.
Even when you are not making a call, your mobile phone emits radiation. In the case of pregnancy, it is of crucial importance to reduce cell phone use.When Home or at Work, Use a Land Line. Nowadays, more people tend to use their mobile phones as exclusive phone contact which is a highly dangerous trend, but you can choose not to participate in it.Restrict Your Use of Different Wireless Devices. Make sure you reduce your use of other devices when you do not need them. One crucial thing is that you shouldn’t have any wireless or electronic device in your bedroom because it can reduce the quality of your sleep.
If you have to use a portable home phone, use some type that operates at 900 MHz. In fact, they are also unsafe during calls, but they do not emit radiation when not used. How to be sure whether your cordless phone exposes you to radiation? You can use an electrosmog meter that goes up to the frequency of your phone in order to measure the exposure.
Most of the portable phones are 5.8 GHz, so you need meters that go up to 8 GHz. Be careful with the base station placement because it creates the biggest part of the problem since it emits signal 24/7.
So, place the base station away from the room where you spend most of your time, especially the bedroom. Also, you can turn off the portable phone and use it only when you need to move while making a call. Ideally, turn off your base station before you go to bed.

Additional Tips

Use the Mobile Phone Only Where the Reception is Good. This is important because when there is a weak reception, the cell phone will use more power thus emitting more radiation. So, use your cell phone when there are good reception and full bars.Do not Carry Your Phone Close to Your Body. In this way, you will minimize potential exposure. Just put your cell phone in your purse or bag.No Mobile Phone Is Safe. You can’t find a safe type of cell phone.Avoid Keeping Your Cell Phone Close to Your Body When it is On. Make sure you keep your cell phone six inches away from your body.Take Care of the More Sensitive Ones. some people are highly sensitive to cell phone radiation. So, if you are on public transportation, in a meeting, the doctor’s office turns your cell phone off.
Since children are the most vulnerable, avoid using cell phones near them. By using the Pong case, a case that redirects the radiation away from the head you lower the SAR effect. However, the redirection may intensify the radiation in another direction.Use Safe Headsets. Wired headsets are a proven way to keep your phone away from your body. However, if they are not well-protected, the radiation will be transmitted directly to the brain.
So, make sure the wire that transmits the signal is shielded. Ideally, choose an air-tube headset and shielded wire because they transmit the information as a sound wave.

Here is a video from the Environmental Health Trust

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