This is What Happens to INFLAMMATION When You Drink a Glass of Cannabis Juice in the Morning

This is What Happens to INFLAMMATION When You Drink a Glass of Cannabis Juice in the Morning
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If you are like most people you probably find smoking cannabis like something that is done for fun, like drinking alcohol for example. However, it turns out that cannabis should be used for a few other reasons. Cannabis is a very effective, natural medicine that can be quite helpful in cases of:

Seizure disorders;Muscle spasms and cramps;Nausea caused by chemo;Crohn’s disease;Lack of appetite and weight loss caused by nerve pain and HIV.

Of course, this natural remedy can lead to certain side effects but they don’t last for a long time usually between one and three hours. These side effects can change relatively fast and they can be both negative and positive. Some of these side effects include:

Changes in people’s ability to make decisions;Mood changes (anxiety, sleepiness, relaxation, happiness);In rare cases people experience hallucinations.

But, these side effects that don’t last too long are acceptable when we take a close look at the healing and medicinal effects of this plant especially when it comes to serious diseases and disorders.

Cannabis was once completely illegal in the United States. Contrary to popular belief, cannabis is not really a hard drug. This means that it can lead to serious side effects. What is known for sure is that this plant can provide a myriad of medicinal effects.

According to some statistics only one out of 10 regular users develops a dependency over some period of time. This means that cannabis is less addictive than processed foods and sugar for example.

Today, cannabis is legal in many states in USA for medicinal purposes and for recreational use in a few states too.

There are many people who would like to try cannabis for medicinal use, but they are not great fans of brownies and smoking cannabis. If you are one of them, you should know that there are people who actually juice their cannabis.

That’s right. You can feel all the health benefits of this amazing plant in a form of a juice. It doesn’t really matter whether you are dealing with some serious disease or you just need to relax a little bit. Now let’s see why someone should juice cannabis instead of using it in other forms.

1. Consumption of Juice Based on Cannabis Leaves Won’t Have Psychological Effects

But, it can make you much healthier. Cannabis juice comes with numerous positive effects for our health. Keep reading to learn more about them.

2. Cannabis Juice Provides Powerful Anti-Inflammatory Effects

Cannabis is a very useful plant. It contains numerous anti-cancer substances and it also aids the digestive system to process and absorb the minerals, vitamins and nutrients found in the food we consume. At the same time, cannabis reduces the inflammation in our body.

3. Cannabis is a Versatile Plant

In case you are not a great fan of cannabis juice and its taste, you can mix it with some other veggies. Juicing cannabis with apples and carrots will give you a sweet, tasty and incredibly healthy drink.
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4. Consumption of Cannabis Makes You Process a Higher Amount of Cannabinoids

Cannabinoids are the healthiest compounds found in cannabis. In case you juice this plant, you’ll get the maximum amount of these compounds.

5. Cannabis bud juice will make you high

And it was proven that it is much safer than smoking cannabis buds. Besides that, smoking cannabis buds is less harmful compared to smoking cigarettes.

Cannabis Juice Recipe

Now here’s how you can prepare cannabis juice:

Ingredients:One cup of water (you can also use green juice, coconut water, pineapple juice etc.);Big handful of quality cannabis leaves.Preparation:Get rid of the stems and rinse after that. Next, soak the leaves and rinse them one more time;Take the leaves and put them in a blender;Add the water (or the alternative);Blend everything well;Strain the mixture;Enjoy your cannabis juice!

You can also put in in the freezer (ice cube trays) and keep it for a few weeks. You can use these cannabis cubes in your smoothie or juice from time to time.

Have you ever tried to juice cannabis? Do you want to try this? Please share your opinion and thoughts about this.

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