This Is What Happens To Your Body If You Walk Barefoot Only 5 Minutes Per Day

This Is What Happens To Your Body If You Walk Barefoot Only 5 Minutes Per Day
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The fact is that humans used to walk barefoot for hundreds of years and as a result of that, the human body got used to this practice. So, whenever we put some shoes on our feet, we affect (in a negative way) one of the most useful senses in our body and that’s the sense of touch.

There are specific points on the feet and hands that are linked to the most important organs in the body. In case you start walking barefoot more frequently, you will trigger these points and notice effects in various organs.

Body’s Energy Circulation

There is vital energy that circulates all over the body. This energy is known as Prana in India and as Chi in China. What is important to understand is that this energy influences the health.

The energy travels with the help of the meridian system, which works in a similar way like the bloodstream.

In the moments when the meridians are active, every organ in the body gets sufficient energy for the best performance and functioning.

Whenever some of these meridians is blocked, an organ that is directly linked to it starts to lose its properties and over some period of time if this blockage continues, that person can expect the occurrence of some disease. Every meridian ends in the feet which means that those who are walking barefoot trigger the basic points and indirectly massage the vital organs in the body and stimulate energy flow in all body parts. In this way you will get natural acupressure.

What is Acupressure Massage When You Walk Barefoot

In case you don’t have a chance to walk barefoot, try practicing acupressure massage on your feet once in a while. In order to optimize your health, spend 5 minutes massaging your feet and hands on a daily basis. Keep in mind that even though the pressure should be firm, it should not be too strong. This pressure can be tested on a home scale – use a pressure that is equal to ¼ kg or up to 3 kg, whatever suits you the best. Make sure to spend more time on problematic points (points where you feel pain).

Even though the technique of acupressure is incredibly simple, the benefits and impact on our health are priceless.

In case you are dealing with sinus-related issues, fatigue, indigestion, tension and stress, heart problems, infections and hormonal imbalance, you should know that each of these issues can be treated with the help of acupressure massage. Thanks to this specific type of massage, you will be able to provide energy to these organs and trigger fast recovery.

The Importance of Grounding

We all know that sunlight provides vitamin D for our body. On the other hand, the ground provides sufficient levels of energy. To put it in simple words, grounding is the direct contact we establish with the bioelectrical field found on the ground. If we walk barefoot we will be able to reestablish this contact.

Walking Barefoot Explained

The best idea is to start walking barefoot for ten minutes a day. Increase this period of time for a couple of minutes each day. After a while you will feel more comfortable walking barefoot. It is not unusual to witness some emotions that were long gone. Since walking barefoot helps us reconnect with Mother Nature, this is not a huge surprise.

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