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This is What Happens to Your Body When You Drink Lemon Water Every Morning

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Surely we have heard that lemon water is good to consume. Well, it is not good, it’s great! As a matter of fact, nowadays it’s the most beneficial beverage to drink in the morning. Racheal Link, MS, RD, talks on this topic.

She says that in recent years this drink has become famous among health-conscious consumers who are looking for a simple way to enjoy all the health benefits of lemons.

Also, it became a famous choice among dieters, since it can bump up the flavor of plain water while giving fewer calories in comparison to sugar-sweetened drinks like commercial fruit juice or soda.

You should know that this refreshing drink comes with many health benefits and the best thing about it is that it is very simple and easy to prepare. All you need to do is squeeze half a fresh lemon in 8 oz of lukewarm water.

But that is not all; lemons are rich in potassium, vitamin C, copper and magnesium.

Racheal Link adds to this: “As a matter of fact, just 1 cup of lemon juice has around 187 % of the daily recommended serving of vitamin C.

One cup of freshly squeezed lemon just has around:

61 calories;21 g carbs;1g dietary fiber;0.9 g protein;112 mg vitamin C (187 % DV);0.1 mg copper (4 % DV);303 mg potassium (9 % DV);14.6 mg magnesium (4 % DV);0.1 mg vitamin B6 (6 % DV);0.1 mg thiamin (5 % DV);31.7 micrograms folate (8 % DV).

Moreover, lemon juice also has zinc, pantothenic acid, calcium, and vitamin E. If you begin consuming a freshly-squeezed lemon water every morning, you may enjoy the following benefits:

#1 Improved Liver Function

It’s said that lemon water detoxes the liver and leads to improved overall health.

#2 Fresh Breath

It’s said that lemon water helps destroy the bacteria in the mouth which leads to bad breath.

#3 Hangover Relief

It is said that this water can help ease the signs of a hangover after a night of a lot of alcohol consumption and help you keep your body hydrated.

#4 Improved Digestion

Regular consumption of lemon water will boost your digestion and help prevent digestive problems.

#5 Clear Skin

Drinking lemon water will help improve the quality of your skin; it will make your skin look clear and healthy.

#6 Stronger Immune System

It’s said that this drink combats inflammation and helps fortify the immunity. It can help in the case of the flu or common colds and relieve infections.

#7 Weight Loss

Lemon water boosts the metabolic rate and makes you feel full so that it can be a good help in the weight loss process.

There are reasons good enough to start consuming lemon water, and another great thing is that it is tasty and refreshing.

Power of Positivity | Healthy Food House

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