This is What the Shape of Your Butt Has to Say about Your Health

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You might found this surprising, but the shape of your buttocks can reveal a lot about your health. Although it is thought that fat storages are terrible regardless of their location in the body, this might not be entirely true.

Researchers explain that the location of the fat storage in the body tells a lot about the health of that person. Fat located in the human’s trunk or near the chest is a lot more dangerous than that in the hips or the butt.

Fat storage in the hips reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other debilitating health problems, by keeping the fatty acids away from the arteries, heart, and the liver. Our body is naturally deciding whether the fat needs to be stored in the stomach or butt region. Therefore, it is considered that the hormones which direct and distribute fat in women are actually accumulating it in the buttocks in order to protect the heart.

There are some researchers who say that women with bigger buttocks are more healthy and intelligent. They usually have lower cholesterol levels and produce more hormones to metabolize sugar. Bigger bottom means excess of omega-3 fats, which have shown to promote brain health.

Although having a bigger bottom is not a bad thing, you can still do something to remove some of the excess fat from that area in order to make it stronger and your body healthier.

1. Square Derriere

If a person has a square-shaped buttocks, it can mean several things. S/he might exercise but not have strong gluteal muscles, or it can mean some fat present around the love handles. In order to make the glutes nice and strong and reduce the excess fat around the waist, do some simple core or glute exercises.

2. Circle Booty

This is a good and healthy buttock shape. It may also indicate presence of fat storages in the upper part of the glutes. These people shouldn’t have problem removing any excess fat from this area, if needed.

3. Heart Shaped Bum

A lot of people consider this shape as the most desirable for this part of the body.  A bottom with a heart shape is fullest at the bottom, tapering out near the waist. But, this shape can also mean excess weight in the upper thighs. Women with heart-shaped bottom lose this fat with aging, transferring it to the mid-section. That’s why removing some extra fat now, is good for your health in future.

4. “V” Patootie

This bottom shape is most common in older women. As they age, their levels of estrogen reduce, and the fat from this area starts moving to other parts of their body. Those with this bottom shape should start removing the fat as soon as possible, to prevent it reaches the heart region.

Regardless of the bottom shape you have, you can always strengthen and improve it with the 5-minute exercises presented in the video below.

Via David Wolfe | Positive Med

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