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This Plant Attracts Money Like A Magnet, It’s A Must Have In Your Home

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There are a huge number of people who enjoy nature and love plants, but many of them can’t stand what philodendrons or ficus plants look like. In case you didn’t know philodendrons come with relatively big green leaves, which can make some people scared at night.

Of course, we can’t compare philodendrons with African violets because they don’t have the typical vivid blossoms of these plants.

In case you want to create a comfortable, cozy, and peaceful environment inside your home then you should consider using some indoor plants. Those who want to make a perfect combination of furniture, decorations, plants, and colors can always rely on Feng Shui. This ancient study can aid you to find the right place for all the things you have in your home.

An introduction to Feng Shui

We have all heard about it, but many people don’t know what Feng Shui is.

So, Feng Shui is a study and system that comes from China and it has been practiced for more than one millennium now.

The basic goal of Feng Shui is to determine the relationship between humans and the things that surround them. In other words, Feng Shui experts are determining the level of energy that circulates on our planet. Based on this energy circulation, Feng Shui is able to provide balance and harmony in the place where you live and work.

Feng Shui teaches us that living as well as non-living things are affected by chi or the so-called energy that is constantly renewed. Chi brings many benefits to people’s health. All the things in the environment where we live, and their location/position, affect our health and wellbeing. It turns out that indoor plants can aid chi energy to produce positive effects for people.

In addition to their beauty, plants keep us safe from the effects of electromagnetic waves created by electronic devices that are found everywhere around us. In addition, the greenery in our home will purify the air from toxins and deliver a sufficient amount of oxygen.

Feng Shui teaches people that evergreen plants radiate specific energy that affects the lives of the residents in a positive way. There is one plant that has proven to be effective when it comes to financial prosperity – the Jade plant. This plant is also known as dollar tree, crassula ovate, money plant, pink joy, and lucky plant. The best part is that taking care of this plant doesn’t require much effort and time.

What is Jade Plant?

Jade plant naturally grows in Africa. It is known for the attractive leaves that look similar to coins, which is why many people have decided to place them in their homes. Jade plant leaves are very thick and you can find water deposits in them.

This plant creates flowers with white or pink color in the form of stars and if the plant is placed in a specific position for extra sunlight exposure the edges of the leaves turn red. The jade plant is up to three meters high and it blossoms during the winter period. The period between October and April is a period of hibernation.

Growing and Handling a Jade Plant

If you want to grow a jade plant, keep it dry for a few days and after that, plant it in a mixture of soil and sand or pure sand. The pant must be watered twice a week and once one month is passed, replant it in soil with better quality.

It is also a good idea to grow this plant by placing a jade plant leaf directly in the soil. During the replant procedure use a mixture that consists of 20% houseplant, 20% humus, and 40% sand and the remaining 20% should be made from small pieces of gravel and bricks.

In case you plant money plant in a large pot and in case you rely on fertilizers, you can expect fast growth. When the hibernation period kicks in, water the plant only twice.

Jade Plant and Symbolism

Many people in China use this plant to become luckier. In addition, it is a popular housewarming gift. This plant is a perfect option for a gift in case you want to congratulate another individual on their new job, new business, or marriage. As we all know, jade is a precious stone that represents a high value.

The specific color of the leaves of the jade plant is stunning jade green. This color represents growth and renewal. In addition, the leaves have a specific shape that makes them look like coins. In other words, they represent financial wealth, prosperity and success.

The place where the plant is place is crucial for getting financial benefits. Put the pot where the jade plant is placed in the southernmost part of the home. Every new jade plant leaf that emerges will boost your finances and income.

It is good to know that the blossoms of the jade plant have their own meaning. These leaves represent a long and loyal friendship.

The pink and white flowers represent the care that the plant owner provides to the plant which is similar to the care and attention people provide to their close friends.

In the end, we should highlight the fact that the jade plant is an attractive addition to any home. In addition to its natural beauty, owners can enjoy the financial benefits that this plant allegedly brings.

Via Choose Healthy Life

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