This Plant Stops Diabetes and Boosts Your Immune System

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Goya, also known as “karela”, is a fruit that tastes like bitter melon. This fruit thrives in hot climates with a high level of moisture like the ones found in Asia and South America. Goya has been used as a natural remedy for many illnesses for centuries. It is part of the traditional medicine in money countries including India, China, other parts of Asia, and the southeastern USA.

This specific type of melon has a very bitter taste and comes in the form of cucumber with many bumps. But, what makes this fruit very special is the specific combination of elements found in it because they can help patients suffering from pancreatic cancer.

It was Dr. Frank Shallenberger medical doctor focused on anti-aging treatments and alternative approaches in medicine that discovered the positive effects of Goya.

According to Dr. Shallenberger, patients should rely on Mother Nature and focus on all-natural products and compounds when they are treating any kind of illness. He highlighted the fact that this exotic fruit blocks the growth and expansion of cancer cells.

In his newest research, Dr. Shallenberger has discovered that a 5%-solution made of Goya juice can combat pancreatic cancer effectively.

What is really great is that people can eliminate cancer cell lines up to 98%. The effects of this fruit were tested at the University of Colorado too and these tests have confirmed a 65% reduction of pancreatic tumors.

Health Benefits of Goya – Bitter Melon:

With the help of Goya juice we can stabilize and optimize the immune system;Goya eliminates the toxins from the liver, eases gout pain, and supports proper blood flow;It supports the absorption and processing of food and speeds up the digestion process all the way to defecation;Goya is packed with polypeptide-P and this phytonutrient is known for its ability to SkinnyMs. In addition, bitter melon comes with charantin, a compound that boosts glycogen synthesis and glucose use in the muscles, liver, and adipose tissues. These two activities can reduce blood sugar levels and help diabetics;It eases the symptoms of a hangover because it speeds up the metabolism and it supports and cleanses the liver;If you drink Goya juice on a regular basis, you can ease fungal infections (including ringworm’s and Athlete’s feet) and Legit;Bitter melon is loaded with folate and this compound prevents neural tube defect in babies;It enhances eyesight and eases issues related to vision due to its high beta-carotene content.

If Goya is taken on a regular basis, it will also improve your energy levels and stamina.

Via Everyday Health

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