This Thyroid Cancer Self-Test Can Quickly Be Done At Home And Save Your Life

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Thyroid, famously known as the little guy who causes mischief all the time. Well after all thyroid is a small gland that lies somewhere close to your Adams apple and basically controls everything. Yes you heard me right. Thyroid controls everything from who you are to what you do. You’re sleeping patterns, menstrual cycle, breathing, heart rate, the way you sweat, fatigue and so on. Well now you might be left wondering how very important it is. Yes it is very important but the neglecting our thyroid causes us a lot of problems such as cancer.

Now we’ll see how it causes cancer. As humans we can hardly resist our temptations to gobble down that piece of processed food we see across the street no matter how many times we have been warned not to eat them. And when you eat them and when the processed food is going along your throat thyroid absorbs the chemicals in it. Now you’re starting to get the point I suppose. So with time thyroid becomes full of toxic. Thus a thyroid cancer is born.

According to the American Cancer Society thyroid cancer ranks first which got the highest increasing rate in USA. And the root cause for this is processed foods. As the case with all other cancers, early detection leads to increased chances of survival.

So we have this thought of guiding you through this simple Self checking mechanism. To learn the process, have a look at this interactive video

Source –David wolfe

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