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This Will Make Your Clothes Bright, White, and Fresh Like Spring. No Chemicals, Cheap and Easy

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The most annoying thing about doing laundry for most of us are the stubborn stains that have remained after the washing activity, even though we have put so much effort to remove them. So, why do some stains can’t clean? Good detergents are usually expensive, but we offer you a simple and inexpensive alternative, to get satisfying results when it comes to stain removal.

Here are 10 tips for optimal results of your laundry activity. What’s more, you will need only one thing for all of these tips, and that’s white vinegar.

1. Replace your fabric softener with white vinegar. Use it as you normally use your softener, and you will get the same results. Besides, the environment friendly white vinegar will give you much softer clothes.

2. The acid contained in the white vinegar can remove stain and sweat from white clothes.

3. White vinegar can maintain the color of clothes, reduce the soap residue, and increase the power of your detergent. Just pour ½ a cup of vinegar on your clothes prior to putting them in the washing machine.

4. Washing your clothes with powder detergent might leave residue on your clothes. This residue is not good for your skin, so if you like to prevent it add ½ a cup of vinegar before putting your clothes in the washing machine.

5. You can also use white vinegar to eliminate the unpleasant odors from your clothes.

6. In a bucket of hot water, add ½ a cup of white vinegar and let your dirty clothes soak in the water overnight. The next morning wash them as usual. If there are still some stains, rub them with vinegar.

7. White vinegar can remove animal hairs and fuzz from your clothes.

8. White vinegar contains acid that will help you with static electricity.

9. You can use white vinegar when doing handwashing. Just pour 6 tablespoons of vinegar and allow them to soak for 30 minutes. Use white vinegar when washing underwear and swimwear.

10. White vinegar can not only clean your clothes, but your washing machine too. It’s very effective and environment friendly.

Via Qatar Day | Qatar Day

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