Tips for Stronger and Whiter Teeth

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Having white and strong teeth is important not only for the physical appearance, but also for our health.

Besides the appearance, our teeth help us with our verbal communication and chewing and indirectly affect the digestive system. So, if you want to keep your teeth healthy and have white and strong teeth all the time, follow the tips in this article.

How to Get Stronger and Whiter Teeth

There are many experts who claim that when it comes to fluoride, teeth can never have too much of this substance. They agree that fluoride is one of the best things that have happened in the oral hygiene industry because it supports tooth enamel and protect us from tooth decay.

In case the tap water lacks fluorine, experienced dentists may suggest the use of fluoride directly on the teeth. Additionally, mouthwashes and toothpastes found in stores usually come with this mineral. When it comes to small children, they should use pea-sized dab on their toothbrush because if they use more fluoride they could witness the emergence of white dots.

It turns out that baking soda is an excellent way to whiten your teeth. Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate acts as a mild abrasive product. It can make our teeth look white because it has the ability to eliminate stains and debris from our teeth. Baking soda has alkaline pH value which counters the acidity in the oral cavity which is good for every individual regardless of their diet.

High acidity can damage the tooth enamel and this is why baking soda is useful too. Take a few teaspoons of baking soda and pour them into some water or even fresh lemon juice. In this way you will create a paste which can be applied directly to your teeth. Leave the paste on the teeth for 2-3 minutes and use lukewarm water to rinse the area.

Dental specialists have highlighted the fact that acid found in beverages like soft drinks and the abrasive activity of brushing can destroy the dental enamel. So, if there is a period of the day when we should avoid brushing our teeth that’s after consuming drinks like juices, sports drinks and soft drinks.

In addition, a scientific study conducted in the UK has shown that drinking highly acidic beverages with the help of a straw placed in the back part of the mouth will reduce the contact between teeth and acidic substances and ultimately protect the enamel.

Following a natural and healthy diet can also contribute to white and strong appearance of teeth. Sugar and other foods that can stick and get stuck in the teeth significantly boost the chances of experiencing tooth decay which will certainly contribute to the discoloration and weakening of teeth.

That’s why it is highly recommended to increase the intake of fresh veggies and fruits and reduce the intake of sticky foods and sweets and candies. As a matter of fact, foods loaded with folic acid and vitamin C reduce the chances of experiencing bleeding gums.

Some good examples of foods like this include green veggies, peas and beans and citrus fruits. In addition, yogurt also keeps our teeth and gums safe because it is packed with probiotics. These compounds protect the teeth and oral cavity from bacteria and other harmful microorganisms.

Using your toothbrush after each meal is still one of the best things that you can do to protect your teeth, tongue and gums. But, there are certain food particles that can get stuck between the gum line and teeth and these leftovers can lead to bacterial progress, accumulation of tartar and plaque and other oral issues.

With the help of flossing you should be able to avoid problems like these and make your teeth look even more attractive. There are many people who are able to perform flossing only in front of the mirror so it is a good idea to learn how to do this with your eyes closed because there are situations when you need to floss your teeth and there is no mirror around.

Besides these helpful tips and advice, people should visit their dentists on a regular basis in order to be sure that their oral health is checked and treated in a proper way.

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