Top 10 Easy Ways to Overcome Your Hunger Pangs

Top 10 Easy Ways to Overcome Your Hunger Pangs
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Here’s how you could take down the appetite:

1. Increase fiber intake. Numerous scientific studies have confirmed that increased amounts of fiber in our body suppress appetite. Look for foods rich in fiber like veggies, fruits, beans and whole grains and include them in your daily diet. In addition, most of these foods are loaded with water which will make you feel sated.

2. Take some soup to suppress appetite. Eat a bowl of soup based on veggies or broth before your main meal and you will definitely eat less later. Of course, avoid creamy soups and soups rich in fat. There are a lot of low-calorie, fiber-packed options like vegetable-bean soups or minestrone soups.

3. Take a big salad to control your appetite. A recent scientific study has shown that people who eat large salads (three cups of low-calorie salad which equals less than 100 calories), they reduce calorie intake for up to 15%. In case they’ve chosen smaller salad the intake was reduce to about 7%. Feel free to use the same salad that was consumed in the scientific study. Take cucumbers, celery, tomatoes, carrots and romaine lettuce and mix them well. Use low-fat dressing or dressing without fat on top of it.

However, you should stay away from fatty salads. Consumption of salads rich in calories, even if they are small, can make us consume even more calories during our meals compared to having a meal without salad.

4. Focus on one dish. Of course, it is always nice to have a side dish because it makes the meals tastier and even healthier. However, having a few side dishes during one meal can definitely bring some negative consequences. By adding a side dish, you will probably boost the amount of calories. Obviously, this is not true for the side dishes we have mentioned before – broth, soup or low-calorie salad.

5. Eating one grapefruit or one orange on a daily basis can significantly lower your appetite. Surveys and research has shown that plant foods with low amount of calories and high fiber content, like grapefruit and orange, make people feel sated faster and control blood sugar levels. In other words, these foods make us manage appetite. Almost every fruit has good fiber content, but grapefruits and oranges are the best.

6. Drink milk regularly. By drinking more low-fat dairy products you will be able to consume several proteins that act as appetite controllers including casein and whey. It seems that drinking milk is the best option. A study published not while ago has confirmed that whey (which represents the liquid content in milk) was much better at suppressing appetite compared to casein.

7. Don’t be afraid to take some fat with the carbohydrates, but be careful with the amount. Whenever we consume fat, our body releases leptin from the fat cells. Leptin is a very important hormone in the body. This occurrence is actually positive, but only when it comes to moderate quantity of fat. Scientific studies have confirmed that leptin deficiency which comes as a result of practicing a diet which is very low on fat, can lead to increased appetite and as we all know people are trying to achieve the opposite effect.

Obviously, this doesn’t mean that people should turn to meals rich in fat. Many studies have confirmed that many individuals who are dealing with obesity are following a high-fat diet.

8. Take some soy. Soybeans will provide fat, protein and carbs to the body. This means that soybeans are able to keep the appetite under control in a much better way than the majority of plant foods. In addition, a study has shown that soybean also has a compound that suppresses appetite, but this study included lab rats.

9. Increase the intake of nuts. We all know that nuts make people feel sated and the main reason for this is the fact that they are loaded with fiber and protein. If you take a handful of nuts between meals, you will feel sated and on top of that you will get large amounts of minerals and vitamins. However, don’t eat these nuts all the time because they are packed with fat and the fact that we are talking about monounsaturated type of fat doesn’t make the situation better.

Eat your meals slower. Our brain needs about 20 minutes before it realizes that we are full and that the meal should be finished. In case you consume food slowly, the brain will have more chances to get the signals from the stomach on time and you will avoid overeating.

Via Web MD

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