Top 3 Natural Remedies for Dark Underarm

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The process of changing to a different usually less attractive color of the skin (also known as discoloration) in the underarms is certainly something that makes people feel uncomfortable. This is especially true in the summertime when people wear t-shirts, sleeveless shirts, and swimwear.

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However, we should point out that this is not a rare occurrence and as a matter of fact most people dealing with discoloration experience it exactly in this part of the body. It is also good to know that this is not some kind of complex health disorder or disease and cannot be cured with conventional medicines. In most cases, adequate skincare and natural remedies can solve this problem.

There are many things that lead to dark underarm. For instance, in some cases, they are the result of the use of specific hair removal creams and lotions. In addition, dark underarms can be caused by excessive sweating for a long time, shaving, continuous abrasion, subjection to certain chemicals, wearing tight clothes, accumulation of dead skin cells, use of deodorants with high alcohol content, etc.

Most people are not aware that this process is present until they notice that their underarms are dark. What is important to know is that we can reverse this process and get back the natural color of our skin. If you are dealing with dark underarm you can use natural remedies prepared in the pantry in no time. The following remedies won’t affect your budget and they are completely natural. This is a list of three natural remedies against dark underarm.

Natural Remedies For Dark Underarm

1. Lemons

This citrus fruit is well-known for its ability to bleach the hair and skin. In addition to the presence of pure bleaching acid, lemons also have powerful antibacterial and antiseptic properties. That’s why these fruits are considered to be one of the best natural bleaching products. They can be used externally on the face and body without any negative consequences even though they may result in a tingling sensation around the eyes. The juice can dry the skin, so it is crucial to use moisturizer after its application.

People are advised to use a sliced piece of lemon to remove dead skin cells and whiten the problematic area. Just massage the area with the wedge for 5 minutes and let the lemon juice dry for about 12 minutes. When you notice that the juice is dry, use warm water to wash it off. Dry the area with a towel and don’t use any deodorant for 24 hours. Don’t forget to use a moisturizer when you are done.

There is another method for lightening dark underarm with the help of lemon. This time, you will have to take a small bowl and mix sugar and lemon juice in it. Rub this mixture slowly for about five minutes. In this way, you will perform fast exfoliation and remove the dead skin cells that were resulting in dark underarm. Finally, you can also create a paste based on lemon juice, honey, and turmeric powder. Apply this paste every other day.

2. Cucumbers

In case you didn’t know, cucumber comes with a mild acid that is able to lighten the skin in a natural way without causing any reactions. Take one cucumber and slice it. Place it on the underarm and leave it for half an hour. Just keep the arms against the body during this period. The second way in which you can use cucumber is by making cucumber juice and pouring it in a spray bottle and using it on the problematic area until it gets dry. When the juice becomes dry, use warm water to wash it off. Apply this natural spray in the morning and in the evening.

Furthermore, you can also use cucumber juice, lemon juice, and turmeric powder to create a mixture. In this way, you will get a paste packed with nutrients with excellent bleaching properties. Rub this paste on the affected area. Leave it like that for about 30 minutes and use warm water to rinse it. Follow this procedure every day and you will notice the first results after seven days.

3. Potatoes

Just like cucumbers, potatoes come with a mild acid that is able to lighten the skin in a natural way without side effects like irritation or burning or tingling sensation. Take one potato, wash it and peel it (you can also leave the bark). After that, slice the potato into very small and thin pieces and rub them on the skin on your underarm. Let the potato stay there for 30 minutes in order to let the skin absorb the juice.

Next, get rid of the potato and use warm water to wash the area. You can use potatoes in another way. Grate the potato and take it together with the juice you get and use it as a scrub for dead skin cell removal on the affected area. Rub this mixture for five minutes and leave the mixture for additional twenty minutes. Use warm water to rinse it and don’t use deodorant for 24 hours. Perform this procedure 3-4 times a week and you should notice significant changes after 15 days.

It is important to understand that in some cases, dark underarm is a symptom or sign of a specific health issue. For instance, it sometimes indicates the presence of acanthosis Nigerian. This disease has been linked to obesity, insulin resistance, hormonal disorders, and even Healthline. In case your dark underarm comes as a result of the presence of any of these diseases and disorders it is the best idea to talk to your physician before you decide to use any of the aforementioned natural remedies.

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