Top 9 Healing Foods for Almost Every Disease

Top 9 Healing Foods for Almost Every Disease
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With proper healing foods, you can heal your body and remove his difficulties.

Soft skin, glossy hair and your whole health depends on the energy available in your body. If your body needs a boost, unless good sleep you need a good meal too. It is easy – you just need to eat your medicine.

Find out what you need…

Healing Foods

1. Extra-Virgin Olive Oil to Ease Muscle Aches.

This oil is rich in component called oleocanthal that is responsible for accelerating muscle regeneration. 3½ tablespoons of oil a day has an anti-inflammatory effect equivalent to about 10% of the standard dose of ibuprofen. Add this oil in your meal or sprinkle over your vegetables after your hard fitness training.

2. Cheese and Crackers for Better Afternoon Mood.

One box crackers (rich in vitamins B6 and B12 -100% whole grain) and low fat cheese with protein. These two ingredients stimulate the production of serotonin, which gives you energy and a sense of happiness and satisfaction.

3. Drink Cherry Juice for A Better Dream.

Cherries, another fruit from the healing foods, contain melatonin – the component responsible for sleep. It is a compound rarely found in foods, except nuts and bananas. Therefore, if you want to fall asleep faster, you should drink cherry juice during the day. It will improve your sleep.

4. Pineapple for Fast Healing of Bruises.

Pineapple is a tropical fruit that contains bromelain – a component that calms inflammation of the skin that occurs when you receive a bruise. Eat about 1½ cup chopped pineapple pieces with water. Healing guaranteed!

5. Magical Soup That Takes Down a Summer Cold.

Prepare soup mix with tomatoes and vegetables, including onions and garlic. It has high antiviral properties and destroys infectious bacteria. It also contains some vitamins that help strengthen your immune system. You could taste our Magical Healing Soup Recipe, the best recipe from our healing foods – section.

6. Sip on Chamomile Tea to Reduce Bloating.

Chamomile tea improves digestion, reduces bloating and relaxes muscles around the gastrointestinal tract. Except chamomile, you can use a mixture of herbs that also have chamomile in their composition.

7. Watermelon to Release a Headache.

This fruit is rich in water and the key nutrients for the brain. It will keep you hydrated and reduce even mild dehydration, which can lead to more frequent and severe headaches. Natural sugar from this fruit nourishes the brain cells and increases alertness. Eat a piece of watermelon or taste one of our 15 Watermelon Smoothie Recipes.

8. Parsley That Fight Allergies.

Parsley is one of those healing foods that helps in prevention of allergies. It contains an antioxidant called quercetin, which reduces the release of histamines. Reducing histamines means reducing symptoms of allergens. Add the parsley in salads, or mix it with olive oil and lemon when preparing a meal.

9. Turmeric – The Overachiever in Your Kitchen.

Curcumin is the main ingredient of turmeric, an antioxidant that is sweet and gives a strong color of turmeric. Turmeric, one of the best healing foods, eases the pain of arthritis, swelling, improves digestion, improves immunity and can prevent cancer and even reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. You can add this spice with a powerful effect in any meal. For example, add ½-teaspoon turmeric in vegetable soup or stir it into the prepared rice.

Help yourself through these simple but useful tips. All these ingredients are in your kitchen. You only need to use them wisely.

Stay healthy and keep a good mood – save this list of healthy foods!

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