Try This Baking Soda For Face Care Mixture!

Try This Baking Soda For Face Care Mixture!
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The pores on our faces are getting clogged with dead skin cells, dust, dirt and fats on a daily basis. Our faces “collect” these impurities whenever we are out of our home.

In case you leave these impurities on our face and you are not actively working on unclogging pores, they will soon turn into pimples and acne which means that cleaning them is a must.
You should know that visiting a beauty salon is not necessary in order to perform his treatment because there is a way to finish this procedure at home and get the same (or even better) results.

Baking Soda For Face Care

Now let’s check how you can solve this problem at home.


Go to the bathroom and wash the face in a regular way. Make sure to pick up the hair, so the face is not covered with hair. After that, create this baking soda for face care natural mixture – mix half a teaspoon of baking soda with two tablespoons of shaving cream.

Take a pot and boil 1 cup water in it. Also add two spoons of chamomile flower (dry). Place the pot on the table, put your head right over the pot, cover your head with a towel and steam your face for about 7 minutes.

Apply the mixture on your wet and steamed face. Don’t use it on your lips or around the eyes.

Go back to the bathroom and turn the hot water on. Place a soft toothbrush under the hot water. The toothbrush must be very soft. Even though there are special face brushes you can use a toothbrush too.

After that, without applying too much pressure but rapidly clean the facial skin. Spend more time on your forehead and nose. Use lukewarm water to wash the face.

If you take a close look at the mirror you will notice that the black dots are eliminated, the pores are unclogged and the face is more attractive and smooth.

Perform this procedure once in seven days.

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