Turmeric, Olive Oil and Black Pepper

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The frightening, deadly disease called cancer is constantly increasing the number of its victims. You probably know at least one person who struggles with this disease, so it’s normal to be scared that this might happen to you as well.

Modern science is still trying to find out how to cure cancer, despite the countless researches and experiments done for this purpose. Nevertheless, most researchers agree that inflammation and chronic stress are major factors for developing cancer.

What to Eat To Prevent Cancer

The key to cancer prevention might be anti-inflammatory compounds, along with stress managing and leading a healthy lifestyle. Your kitchen cabinet probably has some of the following anti-inflammatory foods that can prevent the development of this terrible disease. They are turmeric, olive oil, and black pepper.

How Turmeric Fights Cancer

One of the most known spices called turmeric, provides antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Its non-pharmaceutical anti-inflammatory compounds are one of the most powerful on the Planet.

Numerous lab studies on cancer cells have proven that the main active compound of turmeric, curcumin, possesses chemopreventive effects. It appears to have the capacity to destroy cancer cells and prevent their growth. It has shown best effects in the treatment of bowel, breast, skin, and stomach cancer cells, but it is also effective in treating prostate, colon, brain, and ovarian cancer.

Black Pepper

The active compound in black pepper, piperine, has shown ability to improve the absorption of curcumin in both, rats and humans without side effects. It is considered to improve the effectiveness of turmeric by incredible 2000 %.

Olive Oil

Since curcumin is fat-soluble, olive oil is the perfect sidekick to turmeric. Curcumin needs to be dissolved in fat to reach intestine, and later absorbed into the bloodstream. What’s more, olive oil is high in antioxidants and significant amounts of other compounds considered as anticancer agents. Some of them are terpenoids and squalene.

Cancer-Fighting Recipe

Although there are various ways you can use turmeric, from vegetable seasoning and curries to hot tea and milk, Dr. Carolyn Anderson shares the following recipe that should be consumed as often as possible.

Required Ingredients

1/4 tsp. of turmeric1 pinch of freshly ground pepperHalf a tsp. of olive oil


Put all ingredients in a bowl and mix well until they blend together.

How to Use

Either as an addition to salads and soups, or whisked in some water and consumed immediately. Consume it once a day before a meal.

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